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And Then Came Peace: A Book Review


And Then Came Peace

by Greg Masse

Peace finally seems within reach—until an assassin’s sudden, violent attack in Jerusalem’s Old City thrusts Christians, Jews, and Muslims into escalating acts of revenge and terrorism. When disciples of each culture mete out their own justice, the world is paralyzed by the news of airplanes falling from the sky, bombs leveling ancient holy sites, and nations on the verge of war.

As chaos reigns, one person is chosen to stop the bloodletting, instill brotherhood among all religions, and establish international goodwill. Hospitalized, near death, and with the love of his life holding vigil at his side, he must embrace a journey toward enlightenment.

During his encounters with the prophets of our past, the reluctant hero learns that the world’s religions share many universal beliefs and truths and that these should serve humankind as forces of unity rather than of division.
With his enlightenment complete and armed with powerful knowledge, the humbled messenger must accept his dangerous destiny and attempt to change the hearts of minds of others. Only then can he pull a world gone mad back from the brink of self-annihilation. But can he keep the one he loves most?

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My Review of And Then Came Peace

This was a book that I was extremely excited to read. I literally waited and hoped that I would get the chance to review this for you after I read what this book was about. Though I am not extremely religious I do consider myself a Christian and I have always been interested in history, for me this book is a story that I completely believe could happen. I have read a researched many different religions and all have the same basic beliefs and principals. I really think everyone around the world needs to read this book, but not just because of what it is about.

Why should you read this book? Because this is an amazing story that you will not be able to put down, you will learn so much about different religions and how they are so similar, but you won’t feel like you are being taught or forced into believing anything. It’s just an amazing story. As you follow the main character you experience his fight, his bravery and his loss. It’s a story of humanity at it’s best and at its worst.

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If you are a fan of books by Dan Brown, you will want to read And Then Came Peace. It’s just as mind blowing a story and involves so much more then just one person, one culture or one country. It’s a book that will take you though time and you will come out at the end with a new mindset no matter what you believe.

My Rating of And Then Came Peace




Disclosure *I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*

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