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Category: Diabeties

The Problem With Diabetes: Health Insurance

I have been diabetic for ten years come May, I have seen things change a lot and one thing that has changed the most is healthcare. Diabetes in a disease that does require medication whether you’re a type one and insulin dependent or a type 2 who also can use insulin, pills or just control […]

Type 2 Diabetes Brain Fog

  I have type 2 diabetes and I have had diabetes for about 9 years now. For many of those years I was uninsured and not working. It was hard and has really created some problems for me. As I sit here writing this I am experiencing Brain Fog. Type 2 Diabetes Brain Fog Many […]

Struggling with Stress and Diabetes

I am finding that as a diabetic, people don’t care about you. After all it’s our fault we are the way we are. We are fat, ugly and ate too much sugar. That’s why we are diabetic. If we could just stop eating so much our blood sugar would go down and we wouldn’t be […]

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