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Weekly Weigh in January 12th 2018


Today I am not going to be weighing in, not because I don’t want to, but because my scale is broken and I am waiting on my new one. Yes, I got on my scale this morning and it read 300 before blinking and acting weird. I know I did not gain 20lbs in a week so I kept trying. It kept acting weird, I changed the batteries and no difference.

Now I have had this scale for almost 5 years, so it’s done its job, now I am excited to get a new upgraded one to share with you all. I of course will do a review when I get it, but I will tell you what I ordered now, I did get it on Amazon and if you click the links on this post I will be compensated if you buy it.


I chose the RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale because I wanted something that would connect with my Fitbit and didn’t cost an insane amount of money, this scale is only $28.88 and has free shipping with Prime!

I’m really excited to get it and I will have it Sunday so I will be able to weigh myself on Monday. What I think I will do is post both weigh in’s next Friday so you can still see my progress.

Were you able to weigh in today? How are you doing with your weight loss journey?

Weekly Weigh in January 5th 2018 Hollybee Tells


Today is the first Friday of the new year, all I have to say is that I’m happy I started early as in a few weeks ago as I would not be very happy with myself right now, but that is why I started early. In past years I have waited until the second week in January to start my weight loss journey and here is why: My birthday is January 3. Yep, I am a new year baby and I know I like to enjoy my birthday. There are a few days each year that I believe are mandatory cheat days and my birthday is one of them.

Now, I actually did pretty well on my birthday food wise, but I’m still celebrating. I treated myself yesterday to a free movie I had for my birthday and a free small popcorn, you know with butter. I did not work out on my birthday, but I have every other day.

I gained weight.


Here is the thing, each time I do a weigh in I also think about what I did and did not do that week. I explained my week to you, for me I knew it was going to be a bad week, but here is the thing. I’m not going to let this small set back get me down. That is why so many quit so quickly. I have lost large amounts before. I know how this works. It is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. You have to let your self have those cheat days, you have to keep going.

My goals with this is to get healthier, to control my diabetes and be able to do things I use to love without getting winded or tired right away, I want to feel better, but I also don’t want to miss out on life. In fact when I was diagnosed as a diabetic I was told, allow yourself a couple of cheat meals a week. You have to, really what is the point of being healthy and living longer if you can’t enjoy yourself sometimes?

So that is my take-away this week, don’t get down if you don’t drop, sit back think about what you did this week and if you didn’t cheat, don’t stress, keep going!

Weekly Weigh In Hollybee Tells December 29th

Weekly Weigh in Post

I would love to say that I have been working out every day and have been so happy with what I have been doing, the reality is I have not. Two weeks ago I thought I would be having to move before Christmas. I spent that time packing and getting ready only to find out I did not have to. This week I have been dealing with a neighbor who I thought was nice, but really has turned out to be creepy. Lets say I had a few things going on.

That said, last week I forgot to weigh in. I had actually lost a couple pounds and was so excited about it, but forgot to post with everything else going on! So I made myself do it today, even though I forgot it was friday and had already eaten breakfast and had 2 cups of coffee, still I am going to use this weigh in weight anyway as I really just need to get going with this!


So last week I weighed 282lbs, this week I gained weight,  2 pounds to be exact, I’m not surprised, but I will be exercising again maybe starting later today or tomorrow, but for sure on Monday. Today I really need to clean and unpack things that I actually need. So I will be moving around anyway.

Don’t forget if you want to join me on this journey to post your weight in the comments or link to your weigh in post!

Starting Another Weigh Loss Journey

Weekly Weigh in Post

Just over ten years ago I started blogging about losing weight, I started on what has now transformed into this blog, my original blog everything and anything featured not only things about me and products I loved, but I also shared my weight loss journey. Eventually I decided to start a blog focused on just my weight loss, but found I had over done it and eventually I shut that blog down.

I have now ended up gaining much of the weight I had lost back and find I once again want some accountability, so I am going back to my weekly weigh in post and sharing with you my journey. I found when I stopped writing about this subject this blog seemed to lose what I hope you all come to read, a blog with personality, I want to bring more of me to this blog and I hope this helps you get to know me more.

I also invite you to join me in my journey and feel free to post your weight in the comments each week, if you own a blog share your own weigh in post if you do them!

I do want to tell you I am not starting today, I started Monday and have been working out every day. Monday I did two workouts, I work out at home I do Zumba on my WII, and yes it does work, that is how I lost 80lbs before and I enjoy the workout. I also spend some time shoveling snow. The rest of the week I just did Zumba, except for yesterday where I skipped Zumba and spent over an hour shoveling snow from my driveway and sidewalk, yes I hand shoveled and got a great 62 minute workout in where according to my fitbit I also burned over 600 calories!

As I said I started my workouts on Monday, I also weighed myself on Monday, though at that time I didn’t plan on doing weigh in post and did not take a picture. I wish I would have because I lost a lot more then I thought I would lose.

Monday: I weighed 290

Today:  (yes that is a cat in the picture)


I was really surprised that I lost that amount. Though I have been doing things that they say to do when trying to lose weight, and I’m going to share those tips with you in another post. I am really excited to see what next week brings!

Don’t forget if you want to join me on this journey to post your weight in the comments or link to your weigh in post!

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