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Give the Gift of Scent and Home With an Ooh La Lamp


Disclosure: I am a Celebrating Home Designer. If you click on any link in the post and order I receive a commission.

I really enjoy decorating my home for all occasions and I am really excited to share with you the new Avery Ooh La Lamp from Celebrating Home   What I love about this lamp is that it has a very simple design that goes with any décor, but the difference between the Avery lamp and the other Ooh La Lamps that Celebrating Home offers is that the Avery has some extra style. You can get many different sleeves to add to this lamp. I have featured my favorite above, but you can visit my site to see what other sleeves are available.

This lamp is also great as a stand alone lamp. You don’t have to use the scents that are available at all and that is a great item to have, something that can be use any way you want it to be!

There are also three other lamps in the Ooh La Lamp series, I also own the Isabella lamp and I really love the simplicity of it.


Emma Ooh La Lamp


Madison Ooh La Lamp


Isabella Ooh La Lamp
About the Ooh La Lamp

This lamp is a flame free way to scent your home. It uses a 15 watt bulb to warm the scent pearls and give your room a great wonderful smell. There are over 20 different scents you can buy, but you can combine them into so many more scents! This is something that you can’t do with some other scent warmers.

Ooh la lamp and scents thumb The New Avery Ooh La Lamp from Celebrating Home

My Three tips for the  Ooh La Lamp

  1. First you will want to buy the larger pearl containers for the Avery Lamp if that is the one you choose. This lamp is a bit bigger then the others and it takes a full size container to fill. Of course if you are mixing them you can buy the smaller sizes.
  2. My next tip is to remove the pearls from the lamp when your not using it if you live in a humid climate. You don’t have to, but I have found they tend to stick when the humidity is up making it harder to get them out. If you don’t mind taking a few more minutes to remove them though, you can leave them in.
  3. The last tip I have is cleaning. When you change out the pearls make sure that all of them have been removed and then wash out with soap and water or vinegar and water. Allow to dry completely before using again.

Is this one of my favorite products that Celebrating Home has? Yes, because it’s unique, fun and you can personalize it for the seasons or for your own taste. What do you think of this new ooh la lamp?

Note: Some of the images in this post taken from my other blog Home Style Tips

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