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Guy Tips for Online Dating

Guy Tips for Online Dating

I have recently started online dating again and today I signed back up for POF a site I had said I would never try out again, this time I kept my expectations low and though I think I have made a new friend, I still have not found a connection worth really looking into.

I feel that most of the guys on this site just look at a picture and message someone. It’s annoying, and if you are really looking for someone you should not do that, here are some Guy Tips For Online dating, well my tips anyway.

  1. Look at her profile, read it all the way, if you don’t like BBW this is where you find out if she is one, not everyone has full body pictures and not everyone has a full size mirror to take them. Also just because she doesn’t have one and is a bigger girl does not mean she is lying or hiding it from you.
  2. Be honest. I have met a really nice guy who said he’s looking for just friends, I’m sure he means a hook up or friends with benefits, but he was honest about it within the first 5 minutes. I figure what the hey, as long as he’s good with meeting up with no expectations of sex I’ll keep talking to him. If I think we click a bit, I may think about it. If not no harm done and I got out of my comfort zone a bit. What made me respect him is is honesty. I hate being that girl that bothers a guy after going on a few dates and then sleeping together, when all he was looking for was sex. Really many girls are actually okay with friends with benefits if your honest with them and don’t push it.
  3. Keep away from body parts. Don’t ask me about my boobs if you have not talked to me for at least a day or five. If you are really interested in a relationship with someone that won’t matter, yes I get if you love big boobs you want big boobs, but a picture should give you an idea of what the women has.
  4. Don’t ask me to text you after five minutes. Yes dating sites messaging system suck, but if you really want to show a women your interested you will hold out on it for at least an hour or two, maybe even longer.
  5. Don’t jump right to sex, ask her real questions, again this goes back to being honest, if you have said all you want is sex and she says me too, that is different, but really if you want to have a chance to date her, talk to her like a real person.
  6. Message her even if you think she’s too hot, cute or whatever. If we don’t respond try again in a couple days, be nice about it. If you still get nothing let her go. Many women get so many messages we do miss some.
  7. Post a picture of your face as your main profile pic, not your abs, not your dog, though they can be in the photo and not other random body parts, we want to see your face. The second and beyond pictures are for everything else.

Women or men, do you have any other tips for guys? Share them in the comments!

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