It’s time to take control of my health

It’s been a while since I talked about my health on this blog. I have been struggling with it and even created a blog a few years ago about it, I found even that didn’t help. I also run a health and wellness business and though it has helped me some, I need to do more to take control of my health.

Recently a friend introduced me to Fitstar by Fitbit and I’m very excited to get started with it. I still have a bit of planning to do, food to buy and so on, but I’m very excited to start this journey back up. I do have a job where I am walking all day and for a while, that worked, but now I’m use to it so it’s time to step up and get going.

I have been big my whole life and I am ready to be on the outside, what I feel I look like on the inside. It’s time and I will do this. I have struggled for too long, I have felt horrible for too long and though I’m not depressed about my body and I’m okay with being this way, I want so badly to be healthy and be able to move around and have energy again.

I’m so excited to start this new lifestyle and no I’m not doing any fad diet, but I am going to be using my products from my health and wellness business. I’m planning on sharing some amazing recipes, workout ideas and so much more on this blog. I hope that you will join in the discussion and share your ideas and recipes. If you would like to join my on this journey please comment below your health goals, then come back and keep us all updated!