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Starting Another Weigh Loss Journey

Weekly Weigh in Post

Just over ten years ago I started blogging about losing weight, I started on what has now transformed into this blog, my original blog everything and anything featured not only things about me and products I loved, but I also shared my weight loss journey. Eventually I decided to start a blog focused on just my weight loss, but found I had over done it and eventually I shut that blog down.

I have now ended up gaining much of the weight I had lost back and find I once again want some accountability, so I am going back to my weekly weigh in post and sharing with you my journey. I found when I stopped writing about this subject this blog seemed to lose what I hope you all come to read, a blog with personality, I want to bring more of me to this blog and I hope this helps you get to know me more.

I also invite you to join me in my journey and feel free to post your weight in the comments each week, if you own a blog share your own weigh in post if you do them!

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I do want to tell you I am not starting today, I started Monday and have been working out every day. Monday I did two workouts, I work out at home I do Zumba on my WII, and yes it does work, that is how I lost 80lbs before and I enjoy the workout. I also spend some time shoveling snow. The rest of the week I just did Zumba, except for yesterday where I skipped Zumba and spent over an hour shoveling snow from my driveway and sidewalk, yes I hand shoveled and got a great 62 minute workout in where according to my fitbit I also burned over 600 calories!

As I said I started my workouts on Monday, I also weighed myself on Monday, though at that time I didn’t plan on doing weigh in post and did not take a picture. I wish I would have because I lost a lot more then I thought I would lose.

Monday: I weighed 290

Today:  (yes that is a cat in the picture)


I was really surprised that I lost that amount. Though I have been doing things that they say to do when trying to lose weight, and I’m going to share those tips with you in another post. I am really excited to see what next week brings!

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Don’t forget if you want to join me on this journey to post your weight in the comments or link to your weigh in post!

3 thoughts on “Starting Another Weigh Loss Journey

  1. Congrats and good luck on your journey! I’m honestly scared of the scale. I think I’ll wait a bit before revisiting it

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