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The Problem With Diabetes: Health Insurance

I have been diabetic for ten years come May, I have seen things change a lot and one thing that has changed the most is healthcare. Diabetes in a disease that does require medication whether you’re a type one and insulin dependent or a type 2 who also can use insulin, pills or just control with diet and exercise.

I am a type 2, I use insulin, pills and diet and exercise. Like most people who struggle with weight I bounce around. At one point I had lost 100 pounds, then I gained back 80 due to major issues in my life and now once again I am happily on my way back down. Still I need insulin to control my diabetes.

I get many of you say, well just eat right and it will go away. One, no matter what you hear about diabetes being cured, there is no cure, there is control. You may have great control over your diabetes, but you still can not chug a gallon of orange juice without having an issue, trust me. Once a diabetic, you are diabetic for life.

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That’s what make me so upset about the healthcare in this country. I went to get my insulin and now my insurance does not cover it. I have to switch to something that does not work at well and that’s not good. Diabetes causes many other health issues that are very costly if you don’t have good control over your blood sugars.

The news is correct in saying that the prices of insulin are crazy. My insulin is no longer covered by my insurance, that means to stay on a working insulin I have to pay over $800 a month. That’s rent money, that’s a car payment and insurance and food. What one do I give up?

This is why it’s so important that we as a country realize we need to keep prices down. I do hope this is an area where Trump does succeed, because something has to change, something has to give and it needs to be the drug companies.

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