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Unemployment and a Slow Congress

I’m on unemployment and I’m one of the millions waiting to hear if I can still get unemployment or not. Now I’m also one of the lucky ones. I am moving to a new city in a couple of weeks as my mother, who I live with lost her job in November and we can no longer afford our home. We decided we may as well move to where there are jobs. So I’m hoping I will find something now.

The problem with how slow congress is working on this bill is well known. People have lost money, many I’m sure have lost their homes already, landlords and banks don’t care if you are not getting unemployment, they just want their money and most are not willing to work with you.

I know many believe that we should not extend unemployment, but I do not agree with that. Currently I have no options where I am located and yes I have applied to fast food, minimum wage retail and many other jobs. I’m in a rural area and here, you are punished if you have any type of college degree when it comes to most minimum wage jobs. They feel you will leave quickly and not be worth their time.

I’m sure I’m not the only one running into that problem, yet most people who have had a job throughout this recession just assume you can walk into a fast food place and get hired. I have seen this stated in so many comments on unemployment articles. In my personal experience, that is not the case. Now this may change once I move to the city, it may not as really it’s the same thought process in a managers mind. Currently the only fast food place in my town that would hire me, can’t because my sister works there and they can’t hire family. I’ve also tried looking in the cities close to me, I live to far away, it’s about a 30 mile drive to our closest city. They won’t hire me because of that. This is something many people don’t think of, they just assume that all people who are unemployed live in the city. Again this is what I see in comments.

I have had numerous interviews and the feedback says I was perfect for the job, but someone with more experience interviewed and that was the end of it. Competition is just so high still in many areas. A friend of mine interviewed as a firefighter, he was working but looking to move to another area. 300 people applied for the position.

I’m sharing this not because I want pity, but to show that sometimes, those who try and try and try just can’t get anywhere. Not everyone has the option to move and not everyone has time to wait for congress to fight over something they have no clue about, living paycheck to paycheck.

Are you someone who has lost their unemployment? Share your story with us.

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  1. It is a great as well as useful little bit of details. We are thankful that you embraced this helpful facts here. Be sure to stop us educated in this way. Many thanks for sharing.

  2. I know what you mean about the discrimination due to a degree. I have found that it’s easiest to just leave out the education info when trying to get a minimum wage job. Sadly, they usually want people with less education because they won’t leave as soon as a better job comes along.
    Nancy Bobbert recently posted…Don’t Tease Me Cause I’m DifferentMy Profile

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