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We will always remember 9-11


I remember where I was this day 16 years ago. I had graduated high school that year and was home doing something on the computer. My mother came running out from the other room and told me that a plane hit one of the towers in New York. I thought, oh that sucks and went back to what I was doing, then she yelled from the other room again and told me I needed to come see this. At that time I could care less about the news, but I went anyway. I was shocked at what I saw, but that shock was nothing compared to what I saw next

As I stood there watching I saw the next plane hit. I went numb as I realized there was no way this was an accident. My mom and I looked at each other and shock was on both our faces. It was surreal.  We were shocked and just were not sure what we were seeing. The images were crazy and you just couldn’t take it all in.

Then the next plane hit the Pentagon, I had family working there, not close family but family none the less and I was worried, luckily my family member is okay and I got to see her again a couple of years ago.  I still was numb and wondered what was going on, by this time we had figured out it was a terrorist attack and we just waited to see what would happen next.

Everyone kept saying the towers would be fine, they were built to withstand being hit, they were wrong. My jaw dropped as we watched the first tower fall. It was heart breaking as you realized how many life’s were just lost. Then we heard about the next plane and how the people fought the terrorist and took the plane down. Sacrificing their lives to save so many more. I didn’t realize that then, I was 18 and still in shock. I know that now and have such respect for them. Then we watched the next tower fall and I wanted to cry at the loss, but at that time I didn’t cry much so I didn’t, but I came very close that day.

This event will forever be in my mind, many may say we need to get over this, we need to forget, but no we don’t. We don’t need to go crazy over the day as we did once, but we do need to remember, we need to honor these people and we need to make sure we don’t forget and we keep our country as safe as we can.

We will Always Remember

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