Weekly Weigh In Hollybee Tells December 29th

Weekly Weigh in Post

I would love to say that I have been working out every day and have been so happy with what I have been doing, the reality is I have not. Two weeks ago I thought I would be having to move before Christmas. I spent that time packing and getting ready only to find out I did not have to. This week I have been dealing with a neighbor who I thought was nice, but really has turned out to be creepy. Lets say I had a few things going on.

That said, last week I forgot to weigh in. I had actually lost a couple pounds and was so excited about it, but forgot to post with everything else going on! So I made myself do it today, even though I forgot it was friday and had already eaten breakfast and had 2 cups of coffee, still I am going to use this weigh in weight anyway as I really just need to get going with this!


So last week I weighed 282lbs, this week I gained weight,  2 pounds to be exact, I’m not surprised, but I will be exercising again maybe starting later today or tomorrow, but for sure on Monday. Today I really need to clean and unpack things that I actually need. So I will be moving around anyway.

Don’t forget if you want to join me on this journey to post your weight in the comments or link to your weigh in post!