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What to do When Your Cat Dies

Just over a month ago I come home to one of the worst things in my life, my sweet cat had died while I was at work. I was heart broken and very confused as to what to do with her. It was late at night and I couldn’t take her to the vet. I had known this was coming, she was fifteen and had been sick for a couple days, but it still makes things hard. I was devastated and I had no idea what I needed to do to take care of her body. I looked online for suggestions, but there was no information except take her to your vet. Well they were closed, but I did call a local animal hospital and got some answers.

Your freezer is your best friend when your cat dies

If your cat passes at night you want to put them in a garbage bag and place them in your freezer. Yes, this seems strange, and I will never look at my freezer the same way again, but it makes sense. You want to keep the body cool, this also gives you time to figure out what to do.

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You can of course also take your pet to your local vet or animal hospital for them to take care of. Many will hold your pet until you decide what you want to do with the body. There of course is a cost for this service, so you want to consider that before you take them.

Options for disposal of your cat

There are many options to dispose of your cat after they have passed. You should choose the one that is right for you and your budget.

Cremation options for your cat

Communal cremation: This option is a great way to save money, but with this type of cremation you do not get your pets ashes back.

Private Cremation: This is the option I chose for my cat. This does cost and cost does vary depending on where you live, but you do get your pets ashes back to do with what you wish. I have

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Cat Burials

You of course can bury your cat in your yard, but you do want to check with local ordinances to make sure you are allowed to. Also make sure you bury your cat deep enough as you don’t want anything digging them up.

Pet cemeteries are another great option if you don’t have a yard or can not burry your cat. There of course is a cost, but it’s a great way to honor your cat and you can go see them whenever you want.

Other disposal options for your cat

If your not wanting to keep the body or ashes of your cat you can just call your local waste department and ask them to come pick up the body. Do not put your pet in with your normal trash, this can cause environmental issues and we don’t want that.

Note: These options are also good for dogs as well, I love all our furry friends!

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