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5 Things New Drivers Need to Know

My niece started driving about a year ago and after moving in with my sister I got to experience her driving first hand. She’s a good driver, but there are times where she still thinks she knows everything, but really she doesn’t. I keep telling her we are just trying to make her a great driver, but she still doesn’t always listen. I’m sure my sister and I are not the only ones dealing with this so get your driving teens over to your computer or cell phone and show them this.

Young Drivers: What new drivers need to know.

You’re young, your smart, you’ve passed your driving test and you’re ready to get out on the road. Freedom awaits, and it feels pretty good. While you’re enthusiastic and excited about all that this brings, it’s important to remember that your driving education doesn’t stop here. There’s a lot of responsibility that goes along with having a vehicle and being on the road. Below, we take a look at five things that all new drivers need to know if their experience on the roads is going to be positive.

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Same Roads, More Confidence


Remember when you first got into a vehicle and had that twinge of panic as you thought “ah, everything’s moving so fast!” Well, here’s the thing: everything is still moving fast. The roads haven’t changed, it’s just that you’ve gained plenty of confidence. While there’s no reason to feel intimidated by other vehicles and the speed you’ll be moving – don’t be intimidated, it won’t help anything! – it’s important to maintain a healthy level of respect for the roads. There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance, remember, and you definitely don’t want to have the latter when driving.


Other People Are The Problem


You can control what you do on the roads. You cannot control what other people do. As such, it’s always worthwhile keeping a healthy distance before your vehicle and those around you; you can’t know for sure if the person in the other car is a competent driver or not, after all! One of the most common incidents on the road is the blind spot accident; there are some 840,000 each year! By ensuring there’s plenty of space for other cars and being aware of their location, you can reduce the chances of them happening – but keep on mind that there are no failsafe ways to prevent accidents.


Work Hard to Prevent Bad Habits


In many ways, those people who have just passed their test are the best drivers on the road. Why? Because they drive exactly as you should drive. They’ve had no chance to develop bad habits that older, “more experienced” drivers usually possess. While you’ll naturally fall into that “autopilot driving” zone, it’s important that you’re taking time to ensure you’re always driving the way you were taught, and not letting any bad habits fall in.


Bad Weather Is Coming


If you learned to drive in the summer, then there’s some bad news: severe weather is coming, especially if you live in Michigan! Heavy rain, ice, and snow can all make driving much more difficult. When it arrives, spend some time driving around somewhere you feel comfortable and where there are no other vehicles, in order to get used to the conditions.


It Ain’t Cheap


Finally, some bad news: driving ain’t cheap! Gas prices are nearly always on the rise, cars themselves are not free, and maintenance and insurance can cost a fair amount. Before committing to owning a car, make sure you’ve tallied up all the additional costs involved.


Enjoy the road!


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