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A Friend In Need: Helpful Support You Can Give A Loved One

Helping a friend in need

Life often gets pretty hectic, and your schedule might be full-up; this can sometimes feel overwhelming. It can often lead to fatigue, stress, and an array of health issues and bad habits. You’re only human, and it’s perfectly normal to go through difficult times. The struggle many people feel is that they don’t know where to turn for help, advice, and assistance, in their time of need. Nobody wants to feel like a burden or a nuisance, so they avoid telling anyone. This is usually when issues and problems can spiral, and become much worse.

If you’ve got a friend or family member who is experiencing difficult times, you might not feel like you want to intrude in their business. However, the simple act of acknowledging the issue can be helpful. Then, you can work out ways to be a support to someone you care about so that they can work through their problems and find a happier and healthier balance.

You won’t have all the answers, but, if you’re longing to help someone, there are plenty of ways to do so. Even if it means pointing them in the right direction. The following are some ideas and inspiration for lovely, caring people who need a little help so that they can benefit someone they appreciate, who is in need.

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Being Understanding

So many factors can affect someone’s mental health, and everyone deals with things differently. Therefore, you might want to do some research before you embark on a conversation with your loved one. When you approach them you need a better understand their situation and empathize. Empathy and kindness go such a long way, and by having some helpful hints, knowledge or advice, will show them that you really care. Also being there to motivate them along the way is a great way to help them recover.

Perhaps someone close is suffering, or recovering from an eating disorder. Read this great article by Tapestry so that you can understand the journey they’re on, and better understand how you can help. They may need assistance in regards to social situations surrounding food. If someone is in the thick of depression, it’s worth reading-up on little ways to help regularly, and things you should avoid saying.

It’s Not All On You

Even though you want to be there for someone as much as possible, and be a caring support for them; it’s not your sole responsibility to make them happy all the time. It can be difficult if you feel guilty about not providing the help that you feel they need. However, sometimes it’s more important to understand when someone will benefit from expert advice and assistance.

Perhaps you can be the one who finds the contact details for a counselor, or books a doctors appointment so that you’re alleviating some responsibility. You can still check-in with regular contact, but you can’t pour from an empty vessel, meaning it’s vital that you put your needs first and foremost. Keeping yourself happy and healthy will ensure that you have the energy to help others.

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