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A stumble in weight loss: Weekly Weigh in1/18/19

Weight Loss Journey

Today I got up and was ready to get on that scale. I have felt great. I haven’t been eating as much as I was and I have been doing my yoga every day. On top of that my clothing has been a bit lose and I knew I was going to get on that scale and see something lost.

The problem, I didn’t I gained a pound. As you can see.

Moving On

I was a bit sad, I was really expecting to see weight loss, but then I thought about it. As a women we have a time where we do hold on to weight, that is now for me. Also once I got dressed the jeans that were loose before were not as loose today. I’m not using this as an excuse for gaining a pound, but as a fact that even though I have been doing well, there are things I can not control. It may also be that I have not been eating enough (I’m averaging 1200-1400 calories a day) and my body is storing it.

Whatever it is I find facts that could have caused my weight gain, I do this to help myself stay on track and keep going. Sometimes you can not control your weight loss, the important thing is to keep going. This weigh in is only a day in the life of my weight loss, not my overall weight loss. I want to stay motivated and all I can do is keep going.

I’m also trying something new and doing yoga instead of a workout and maybe that wont work for me. It’s a 30 day program and I’m going to finish it because I’m seeing other positive things from my yoga, like a better outlook, my anxiety is much better and I’m becoming more flexible, something I know will help with a workout anyway.

The end of this short story is that I will keep going, even with this small setback. All I can do is see what the next few weeks bring and if I have to change it up I will.

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