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An Arduous Journey: Why Is Learning To Drive Such A Difficult Rite Of Passage?


It’s considered to be one of those rites of passage in life that we all have to go through, but learning to drive encompasses a lot of pressure, stress and anxiety, not to mention money. And when we are learning to drive, some of us can feel that we take to it like a duck to water, but there are others that find it one of the most difficult things they’ve ever done, and this is even before they’ve taken their first driving test! So, why exactly is learning to drive such a difficult rite of passage?

It’s Built Up So Much By Everyone Else

Yes, a rite of passage means that you probably have so many people that are able to drive around you- family, friends, and then you get behind the wheel thinking that it’s going to be easy when it’s actually very stressful. While everyone else may find it easy and you don’t, this isn’t a slight on your own abilities. There are so many out there that passed their driving test on the 5th, 6th, or even the 20th attempt!

That Pressure Of Being On The Road

It’s something that can loom large in your mind if you have a lot of stress and anxiety generally. That idea of being in charge of something that can kill is very overwhelming. You only have to see the various amounts of law firms protecting the rights of car accident victims to see how many potential lawsuits there are in the world. This can be enough to put you off driving for life. If you’re feeling this sort of pressure, it can make for a difficult journey through your remaining years.

This Is Only The Beginning

They say that you don’t really start learning to drive until after you’ve passed your test! This is true, but it’s not really music to our ears when we’ve undergone a lot of stress in learning to drive. In addition to this, the fact that it’s so expensive feels like you are paying to have a panic attack once a week! But, news flash, everybody has their struggles when learning to drive!

Nobody is perfect behind the wheel, and we only have to see the number of accidents out there caused by a perfectly experienced driver to know that nobody is amazing 100% of the time! But driving is, once you get over these anxieties, incredibly freeing. Learning to drive can be a very difficult rite of passage, but it’s because we have anxieties within ourselves. You may be with the greatest instructor of all time, but if you don’t have that confidence, it’s more difficult. Yes, this is a cliche, but driving is, in many respects, about getting around with confidence, but not being overwhelmed by the situation.

Really, if you find yourself struggling with an instructor, you can either change instructors, or it might just be the case that you have to get more experience behind the wheel. Going out with an experienced driver while you’re behind the wheel could be enough to make you realize that it’s just a case of developing the muscle memory side of things.

Yes, learning to drive can be an incredibly difficult thing, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult. Before you know it, you’ve looked back on a few years of driving, and realized, “what was I so stressed about?!”

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