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Blue Apron Home Meal Delivery Review

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Blue Apron

Just think about this, with Blue Apron home meal delivery you can skip the store and have a meal ready to cook sitting at your house right now. All you have to do is a little prep work and you are ready to cook.

Is it really that easy? Do these food delivery services really make life easier? Well, I have tried a couple now and today I want to share with you Blue Apron and their meal delivery kits.

I was home when I received my kit so I immediately opened it and started unpacking. I learned with my first delivery service that you have to check to make sure you got what it says you are suppose to have. Do not go by memory of what you think you ordered. I did that with my last meal delivery company and they forgot something. You can check out my Sun basket Review and learn what happened.

The good news, I had everything I was suppose to have, the only issue was that one of my spice packets was open and I was all over the bag the ingredients came in. The good news is I still have enough to do what I needed to for my meal, but It may have tasted a bit better if I had the whole bag.


My Thoughts on Blue Apron Home Delivery

Mushroom Cheese Burgers with Fries

Mushroom Burger

The mushroom burgers were so good. They were pretty easy to make, but involved much more then you would think. There was a lot of chopping, a lot of steps that may make you think “What”. Trust me though, the end result is worth it! My only issue with this recipe was my spice packet being open when I got my box.

The meal itself was very filling and a little messy. You actually put alot of mushrooms on these burgers and they go everywhere. One thing I figured out was to put some on the bottom bun and some on the top of the burger.

Now that said, I want to warn you this is not a diet meal, it’s 800+ Calories. That doesn’t mean it will ruin your diet, I just took in less calories at other meals. Luckily this was something I used as a lunch, so I could plan for a light dinner.  This is really the only downside to a meal service like this, you really need to do your research if your on a diet. Many including Blue Apron do make it easy by pointing out healthier options.

Tuscan-Spiced Chicken & Fregola Sarda

Chicken P

I was not sure about this dinner when I went to place my order as it has been a while since I have eaten Kale, but since I’m trying to eat better I made myself get it and I’m really happy I did. This recipe took a little longer to make, about 40 minutes. It did involve a lot of chopping, but in the end it was worth it! The directions for this were a little complicated, but if you read though it first, then read it one more time, and you should be fine. Mostly my thing was trying to figure out if the left over oranges went into the dish or if it was just for the juice. It was just for the juice.

This recipe was pretty filling too and I was left with a half an orange, some Italian spices and some extra orange that I will be able to use in another recipe I choose, I’m thinking orange chicken!

Seared Salmon & Harissa Vegetables


This turned out so good. I love salmon and really had a lot of fun making this one. I had all of the ingredients and it was pretty simple to make. As with the first two meals there was a lot of chopping, but that’s the point right?

It was also a very filling meal and I love that I learned a new way to make salmon.

My opinion overall of Blue Apron

The food itself was good and the ingredients were well packaged if you don’t count the open one. The produce was good, but not as fresh as I could get at a local store or framers market. Not a huge deal because the point is to use them within a week or so.

Also many of the recipes blue apron offers are higher in calories. They are not too high so far none of them had more then 900 calories, but I am trying to lose weight and I had to really watch my calorie intake the rest of the day. The food is amazing, but doing a meal delivery like this may make losing weight difficult.  They do have currently a whole 360 program and those meals are less in calories. You can find the calorie content on each meal you choose once you pick it out. So you can plan ahead and not have this yummy food ruin your diet

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My opinion of meal delivery service

Is this really cheaper then buying these things in the store, well it depends on if you plan ahead or not. If you do and plan your meals correctly you can spend less on making these meals. A few things you could already have in your pantry and are staples, but if you say plan on making something with mushrooms two to three times that week (not hard if your an omelet lover like me) you will find you can really buy these ingredients for less because you will use them for multiple meals.

That said, if you are looking to learn new recipes, or have no idea how to cook, this service may be for you.  It’s great for people who want to cook but don’t have a lot of time to plan out their meals each week.

I am doing reviews of a couple other services as well over the next few months and I do want to say these ending thoughts are universal with all of these kits.

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