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Weight Loss Journey

Motivational Weight Loss and Weigh in.

This week has been crazy. In a good way. I have been doing a lot of work on my blogs, planning a new social media marketing company and still finding time to work out. However, I did not work out every day and when I didn’t I noticed a difference. Not just in my energy […]

Staying healthy

10 Reasons You Find Staying Healthy Hard And What To Do About Them

Being healthy is an imperative part of self care. You don’t have to be 100% perfect, though. If you lived off vegetables and water all day every day, you’d probably get pretty bored! That being said, people still find getting and staying healthy hard. Most people can do healthy things for a few days, maybe […]

a new start in life

Is A “New Start” Essential In Life?

Some of us are forever “starting again”. Maybe we are telling ourselves that we are going to grasp some semblance of normality. Some of us go through periods of extreme anxiety. It may be because we’re not where we want to be in life or we are just on the hunt for the next thing. […]

harmed by a business

Harmed In Some Way By A Business? Defending Yourself Is Important

There are times where businesses do not fulfill their promises, or their actions might inadvertently harm you, be that financially, health-wise, or a range of other factors that you would rather not experience. Of course, it can feel quite intimidating when we have an argument with a company. They seem so powerful, so organized, and […]

Medical Emergency tips

Dealing With Emergency Situations Effectively

While we can take a whole host of steps to minimise our chances of experiencing injury or illness, there are still situations in life that can take us by surprise and leave us in relatively vulnerable situations. So, it’s extremely important that we are prepared for these should they occur. Here are just a few […]

How to make friends

Strength In Numbers: Building-Up Your Circle Of Friends

There’s nothing like a strong group of friends to help ensure that you feel like you’re part of a team. Many say that your friends are just the family that you’ve chosen. Friends can be a great source of support during difficult times, Your close friends can ways provide a space to escape the stresses […]

Weight Loss Journey

Monthly Weigh In Feburary

This has been a crazy month. My weight was up and down and I tried something new that ended up not working well for me. So back to my normal routine. I loved trying yoga again and it did really help with my flexability. I do reccomend you try to do yoga when trying to […]

How Do You Bounce Back From An Accident?

Last year I was involved in an accident. Luckily we all walked away okay, the worst damage that I know of was my friend broke her finger on the steering wheel. It was not a fun experience at all. It was bad timing and I was in the backseat unbuckled as I was trying to […]

Why Should You Pay The Price When Something Unexpected Happens?

From time to time, we might come across an extremely unfortunate circumstance that seems to come from nowhere. Maybe you end up in the hospital or in a car accident. These can be extremely stressful events and can quite simply discourage us for some time. Perhaps one of the most shocking consequences of issues springing […]

Email Marketing Platform Review: Campaign Monitor

When I decided to start my new blog Blog Bread. I knew that I wanted to try something different when it came to sending emails and newsletters. My current email marketing platform was not what I really wanted, so when I was asked to do a review of Campaign Monitor. I was really excited to […]

Helping a friend in need

A Friend In Need: Helpful Support You Can Give A Loved One

Life often gets pretty hectic, and your schedule might be full-up; this can sometimes feel overwhelming. It can often lead to fatigue, stress, and an array of health issues and bad habits. You’re only human, and it’s perfectly normal to go through difficult times. The struggle many people feel is that they don’t know where […]

Weight Loss Journey

Weekly Weigh In 1/25/19

Today I got on the scale and knew it was not going to be pretty. I could feel that I hadn’t lost anything. I had hoped I was wrong, but as you can see from below I was not. Though how I managed to get the exact same reading I have no idea. This week […]

Weight Loss Journey

A stumble in weight loss: Weekly Weigh in1/18/19

Today I got up and was ready to get on that scale. I have felt great. I haven’t been eating as much as I was and I have been doing my yoga every day. On top of that my clothing has been a bit lose and I knew I was going to get on that […]

Looking after your health

Looking After Your Health When Working from Home

When you work for a company, it is their responsibility to protect you from injury and health problems at the workplace. Once you start working for yourself from home, you will have to start taking responsibility for your own health and well being. There are so many risks associated with driving a lot, sitting in […]

Weight Loss Journey

Weekly Weigh in January 11, 2019

I restarted my weight loss journey this week. It has been a long week, but a good one. This week I learned a lot about myself and my weight loss. I turned that into action and I have to say I’m pretty happy with the results. Before I get to my weight this week I […]

PTSD: The Hidden Epidemic That Could Wreck Your Health Goals

anxiety disordersPTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, is a condition that was first discovered back in the First World War. Men in trenches in France and Belgium came back from the battlefield literally “shell-shocked” by their experience, and unable to function in the usual way. Not surprising to say the least. Later, psychologists and psychiatrists came […]

Weight Loss Journey

January Weigh In 1/4/2019

Last year was a crazy year when it came to my weight loss goals. I started the year strong, then I lost my home and moved in with my sister and all of her family. I had no time to workout and was stuck eating food that wasn’t unhealthy, but wouldn’t help me with my […]

New Year, New Resolutions

Resolutions Video Recap My Blog Resolutions for 2019 Grow my blog traffic by 50% Get my YouTube channel up and running Grow my blog income to $3000 a month Focus more on recipes, home décor Create a new blogging tips blog Create a new women’s empowerment website.   Personal resolutions for 2019 Improve my self […]

Top 10 Post from 2018: Hollybee Tells

This has been a crazy year. This time last year I was unemployed and not sure what was going to happen. I had not been working on my blog often until I lost my job due to time and then I moved in with my sister where I also had trouble working on my blog […]

Make 2019 Yours : Be Happy

When a New Year rolls in, you get that shiver up your spine. It doesn’t matter where you are in your life, you have just turned the page of your story to a fresh, clean sheet. You get to scribble all over this sheet in any way that you see fit, and the best part […]

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