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Category: #beyourbestself

a new start in life

Is A “New Start” Essential In Life?

Some of us are forever “starting again”. Maybe we are telling ourselves that we are going to grasp some semblance of normality. Some of us go through periods of extreme anxiety. It may be because we’re not where we want to be in life or we are just on the hunt for the next thing. […]

How to make friends

Strength In Numbers: Building-Up Your Circle Of Friends

There’s nothing like a strong group of friends to help ensure that you feel like you’re part of a team. Many say that your friends are just the family that you’ve chosen. Friends can be a great source of support during difficult times, Your close friends can ways provide a space to escape the stresses […]

Make 2019 Yours : Be Happy

When a New Year rolls in, you get that shiver up your spine. It doesn’t matter where you are in your life, you have just turned the page of your story to a fresh, clean sheet. You get to scribble all over this sheet in any way that you see fit, and the best part […]

What’s Holding You Back from Achieving Your Full Potential

If you would like to make the most out of your life, it is crucial that you do some meditation and soul searching and reconnect with your goals. Chances are that you had big plans when you were a child, even a teenager, but life happened and you are simply living one day to the […]

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