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Category: Dating

Find a Date for Mom or Dad

As we get older our lives change, we find that once was a constant in our lives is now drastically different. One of those things may be your parents splitting up after you are an adult or even a teen. Though you may have an issue with it at first, eventually you will get to […]

Where can you find love this Valentines Day

  It’s February and we all know that in just a few days people all over are going to be hoping that they can still find a date for valentines day. You may be thinking to look at an app on your phone to see who is available, but don’t forget to hop on your […]

Why Online Dating Can Be Complicated

Are you looking for that special someone and are tired of the same old thing? There are so many different sites out there that offer so many different options, but what should you choose? Online Dating can be complicated, but do some searching and you will find what fits you. What site you look at […]

January is here and it’s time to find love

Are you single and looking to meet the one?  Are you ready to not be alone this Valentines Day, wishing that you could find someone close by instead of always being matched with people far way? Online dating can really be a puzzle but there are a few things you can do to keep your […]

Too Late to find a date for the Holidays Think again

This time of year most people want someone to go the all of the holiday gatherings with, most to avoid all of the questions like “when are you going to get married?” and “why haven’t you settled down yet?” But it’s the 14th of December and it’s too late for find a date right? Maybe […]

Dating During the Holidays for Seniors

The holidays can be a lonely time for the elders of our communities. Many live alone and though family will be coming to visit, it’s only for a day or two. Being able to spend time with someone is a great way to keep their moods up and allow them to enjoy the season. One […]

Guy Tips for Online Dating

I have recently started online dating again and today I signed back up for POF a site I had said I would never try out again, this time I kept my expectations low and though I think I have made a new friend, I still have not found a connection worth really looking into. I […]

Offline Dating Update One

A couple of weeks ago I decided to delete my online dating profiles and try to meet some men in the real world. I thought that maybe it was just the guys that I found online who for some reason really didn’t want to date, they just wanted some fun. The problem is the guys […]

The Art of Offline Dating: Why I am Deleting My Dating Profiles

I have been dating online for over 10 years now. I’m still single and for the last few months I have been wondering why I have had not success. I have friends that have had great luck finding love online, two are very happily married. They found their guys in their early 20’s and I […]

Match.com Review: 6 Months In

I signed up to try out match.com for 6 months. I thought if I spent a bit of money and could actually contact some people I would be able to meet some decent men. Well I have to say after 6 months I have met no one and only had two men respond. Yes two! […]

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