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Category: Home Decor/DIY

Tips for decorating your child’s bedroom

Your child is not a baby anymore and they are starting to have a personality all there own. They love a certain kids show, want to be a prince or princess. Maybe they love space or want to be a doctor, either way they are expressing a need to redecorate their bedroom. Plan for when […]

Museum Trees Review, Give your home life With Silk Plants

I love adding some nature into my home in the form of plants and trees. I enjoy the look and how they make a room feel. I also do enjoy taking care of real plants, the problem is time and I along with so many others just don’t have time to take care of plants […]

Top Home Trends to Watch in 2018

It’s 2018 and every year people around the world make resolutions to lose weight, be healthy and get organized. Well I hope to help you with the last of those, but I also want to help you stay stylish in 2018. That is why I am so excited to share these great home trends for […]

Why LG OLED is a Great Family Gift from Best Buy

I love going home after a long day at work and enjoying my favorite shows and movies, my free time is very limited and really I want to have the best entertainment experience I can. With LG’s OLED TV. I can have just that. The picture on this TV is amazing and really you can’t […]

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