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It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

The world is a big place, and sometimes this makes it terrifying. Some days, it can all get a little bit too much, and yet the media and social media tell us that no matter what we do, we should be smiling and happy. Do you know what though? It’s okay not to be okay. […]

2018 New Year and New Goals

Over 10 years ago I started a blog called Everything and Anything. This blog eventually morphed into what is now this blog Hollybee Tells.  Over the years I have made many goals, and many promises. Unfortunately I have not reached all of those goals and a few of those promises were broken. I still believe […]

Top 10 Post of 2017 Hollybee Tells

2017 was a year that was filled with change for me. I quit a job, lost a job moved into a new place and left a couple people behind. When it came to blogging I lost my way, but 2018 will have me finding it again and getting back to what I love about having […]

Life, Love and Wigs: A Struggle with Hair Loss

Imagine being 12 years old and you start losing your hair, you don’t know why and no one else does either, eventually you find out the cause and at 14 you learn your life will never be the same. It’s devastating to someone that young and can cause so many personal issues. That was me […]

Employee Recognition: Why it kept me at my job and made me leave it.

Until a month and a half ago I was employed. I was a part time employee working full time hours at a bank. I enjoyed my job and loved the people I worked with. The reasons I left had nothing to do with the staff at my branch, in fact since September of 2015 I […]

25 Get to Know Me Q’s

  1. What is your middle name?: Michele. My mother spelled it this way because she said I wasn’t going to say :Miche-lie” 2. What was favorite subject at school?: I loved History and Art. I still love both and read about history all the time. In fact my two favorite networks are The History […]

Here is to a Happy Healthy 2016

As the new year approaches we all are thinking about new beginnings and what we want the new year to be like. One year ago I had very high hopes for the new year. I was ready to take on the world and then the world slapped me in the face and told me to […]

I have been a bit MIA

The last 2 months have been very crazy for me. My mother decided to go live with my sister, who had decided to buy a new house so my mom could live with her. It’s a good situation as my mom wouldn’t have to pay any living expenses, but it left me really being homeless. […]

Why I have Considered Suicide because of my Student Loans

This may come as a shock to some of you, others may understand. I don’t want pity, I don’t want help. I want to inform. I want people to see what happens when you do what society tells you is the right thing only to have it ruin your life. For me I went into […]

The Hard Part about Filing Bankruptcy

Filing Bankruptcy is a last resort for me. I have found since I decided I wanted to do this that I am still not able to save up the money to file! Yes I am that poor right now! I have debts that I will still have to pay once I do file as student […]

Why I Have Decided to File Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy, just hearing the word makes most people think of a horrible situation where someone has just gone crazy spending and is looking for the easy way out. People who have never been in a situation to file look at you like your someone they don’t want to know where others understand and are very […]

What Going on With Hollybee Tells

Two years ago I started this blog to combine two of my blogs together, running five blogs was extremely time consuming and it was not easy working a full time 50+ hour a week job and blogging. Now two years later I find I hit a small snag I have lost my voice and was […]

Have Anxiety?Take Time to Relax

Having anxiety can take a huge toll on your daily life. You are always on edge, you are always worrying and sometimes it burns you out so bad that you crash. Though the crash can be helpful it always comes at a bad time, so setting time aside to do something relaxing even if it’s […]

Generational Gaps Why They Are so Noticeable Now

If you go back in time about a century and a half ago, you use to be able to rely on the sage advice of your parents and your grandparents, their live experiences were very similar to yours and they could help lead you though your life. They could give you hope when things looked […]

Blogging as a Single 30 Something Women

I have learned a lot over the last eight years that I have been blogging. I understand that things change and people are looking for different things then they were when I started. I also have seen the huge growth of the mommy blog and watched as people I talked with who were just doing […]

Honor Your Loved one with Engraved Plaques

I am a huge Downton Abbey fan and if you watched the show this season, you know that there was a big deal made about honoring the soldiers who fought in world war one. Now, one soldier was being left out of the monument the town was making, but (spoiler alert!!!) a separate plaque was […]

Wishing you a Happy Holiday

This post is a little late as it’s been a long couple of weeks. My holidays were interrupted by being very short staffed at work, all unplanned and a death in my family last week. My Uncle passed and though at first it was a shock, I soon found myself thinking of all of the […]

Life and Health Update

It’s been a while since I wrote a more personal post. Many things have been happening and I have been crazy busy. There is some good news, some not so good news and some life changes. First my diabetes is much better now. I found a new doctor and she is wonderful. My average sugars […]

Life Changes and a New Path

Tomorrow I go to see a new doctor. I am excited as I am not very happy with my old one. She did not listen to me, she just seemed to care more about keeping me on a bunch of medications, who cared if they worked or not. Really I’m so tired of feeling like […]

Offline Dating Update One

A couple of weeks ago I decided to delete my online dating profiles and try to meet some men in the real world. I thought that maybe it was just the guys that I found online who for some reason really didn’t want to date, they just wanted some fun. The problem is the guys […]

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