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Category: anxiety

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

The world is a big place, and sometimes this makes it terrifying. Some days, it can all get a little bit too much, and yet the media and social media tell us that no matter what we do, we should be smiling and happy. Do you know what though? It’s okay not to be okay. […]

Have Anxiety?Take Time to Relax

Having anxiety can take a huge toll on your daily life. You are always on edge, you are always worrying and sometimes it burns you out so bad that you crash. Though the crash can be helpful it always comes at a bad time, so setting time aside to do something relaxing even if it’s […]

Offline Dating Update One

A couple of weeks ago I decided to delete my online dating profiles and try to meet some men in the real world. I thought that maybe it was just the guys that I found online who for some reason really didn’t want to date, they just wanted some fun. The problem is the guys […]

Exploring The Monster of Anxiety

Image Credit http://panicfreeme.com/3448/dealing-with-anxiety/ As many of you know I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder last year, though I am sure I have had it most of my life I have yet to go to counseling for it, but I do want to. I have decided that I am so tired of dealing with this […]

Anxiety, Not a Good Day or Week

I have been on edge all day, I don’t exactly know why but I have been. You know that feeling you get when your dreading doing something or you know something bad is going to happen, well that’s been me all day, and yesterday and the day before. I worked out all week, that’s suppose […]

A New Look and it’s Effects on Anxiety

Over the weekend I did a bit of shopping with a couple of friends, I don’t have much money but I got a few really good pieces and I was so excited to get them on and head out. Well I have to say, looking your best is not just a confidence booster, but it […]

Weight Gain a Side Effect of Anxiety?

When I was working I drove 4 hours to work every day and ate out a lot, so I figured when I stopped working I should start seeing a drop in my weight, instead I have gained almost 20 pounds since I stopped working. I kept thinking about it and I couldn’t figure out why. […]

Anxiety, Thoughts and You

I’ve been spending the last week trying to figure out where my life is going. I’m 30 years old and I am so lost that I feel 20 again. I just am not sure what I want anymore as over the last 10 years I have gotten nothing I have truly wanted. I went to […]

Anxiety, Diabetes and Loss of Concentration

I have been diabetic for about 8 years now and yesterday as I was trying to sit down and do some work on my blogs I noticed that once again my head hurt. Now, I know that teens and kids use this as an excuse to not do work, but I’m 30 years old and […]

Online Dating and Anxiety

So I have been using online dating for many, many years. Yes I am still single. Lets just say it doesn’t work for everyone and since I live in the middle of no where it’s hard to meet good single men. Most of the single guys around me have been married and want to just […]

The Life Effects of Anxiety: My Personal Story

I have been dealing with Anxiety for most of my life, though I didn’t know what it was until about a month ago. I have attacks at random and am convinced the whole world is against me. I know it’s not, but that is what my problem is. It makes it hard for me to […]

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