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Category: Beauty

Be A Diva in a New Wig

When you hear the word wig you think costumes and Halloween and fun, but not everyone who buys a wig is doing it to dress up. Some are buying a new wig to look better for a special occasion, some are trying to hide their natural hair because they hate it and some like me […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Lavender Bath Salts Review

  One thing I love to do is come home from a long day and relax in a wonderfuly warm bath. I love the feel of the warm water relaxing my muscles and taking the worries of the day away. What makes that bath better? Bath salts! They not only bring a great fragrance to […]

MitoQ Facial Lotion Review

Recently I was asked to review a sample of MitoQ facial lotion. I was excited to try it out as I have slowly started to notice some fine lines appearing on my face. I’m lucky and do look young for my age, but combating these signs early should help keep them at bay longer right? […]

Julep Maven Nail Polish Giveaway

  I am a Julep Maven and I have found that I actually have too much nail polish! I know shocking isn’t it? I have decided to give away to a lucky reader a set of nail polish and a few other goodies! If you don’t want to wait till then check out the information […]

The New Julep Maven Style

Have you checked out Julep Maven? If you have or have not it doesn’t matter, you need to check them out again! They have an amazing new style box called Modern Beauty and it’s all about beauty products! March is pamper your hands month as you get hand cream and a scrub. I just reserved […]

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