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Category: Money and Saving

Adjusting To An Illness Financially

When we become sick it’s more than just our health that we feel concern for. If it gets really bad we have to stay home and rest, not allowing us to earn a living until we get better. Most of the time, companies do give their employees time off and with pay, but this is […]

The Constant Struggle With Money

Ok, so most of you can relate to this. If you couldn’t relate to this, then we don’t know why you’re reading this article. Perhaps you know that because after this payday, you’re definitely going to feel that constant struggle with money. Christmas does demand so much from us, we really can’t deny that. But […]

Risking The Roof

In today’s credit easy world, for the average person getting into debt is incredibly easy. Getting out of it somewhat more difficult. It’s easy to get lost in an ocean of repayment schemes and look for a much easier option to managing debt. I know this all too well because I myself am struggling to […]

Padding Out That Neglected Savings Account

Are you dedicated to your money plans? Maybe you work a 9 to 5, or worse hours, to bring in a regular wage? Maybe you pad this out with a bit of outside work from time to time, just to make sure you’ve got something left over for yourself by the time the bills are […]

How To Make Your Next Move After Being Let Go

Getting fired from your job can be the most worrisome, panic-inducing, scary feeling to deal with. You have been relying on your job for your salary – to pay your bills, keep your heating on and, well, eat. But now you’re having to start again and think up a next move when you didn’t plan […]

8 Simple Ways To Get Out Of Debt Faster

start a blogNo one likes the idea of debt, especially when most debts aren’t good ones. Yes, some debt can be good: student loans and a mortgage are both examples of ‘good’ debts to have. They’re good because they’re progressing your life – the debt behind them is just a necessary part of the package. […]

Could Technology Help You Save On Auto Insurance?

Besides paying for our home and our car, insurance is likely to be one of the most expensive things we will ever purchase. It’s essential and, in some cases, legally mandatory. However, that doesn’t mean you have to pay over the nose for it. There are plenty of ways to save on auto insurance. In […]

Life Savers for When You’re Drowning in Debt

Image source There can be many reasons why you end in more debt than you can cope with. You could have had to take a few weeks of work because of illness, you may have lost your job or you could have just let your spending get out of hand. Whatever the reason, if you […]

Does Money Really Have To Be So Complicated?

When it comes to earning, keeping, and spending money, there seems to be a lot you can do wrong. We’re taught (hopefully) from a young age how to handle finances, and often enough we’re told that we have to grow up and get a job that’s going to bring in a good income. And that […]

9 Essential Money Tips For New College Graduates

If you’ve been out of college for some time, then you’ve probably forgotten the difficulties that you endured during your first few months out in the big, bad world. You’re trying to figure out your next steps, bracing yourself for more responsibilities, and, yup, trying to figure out the money situation. With a new wave […]

The Beginners Guide To Personal Finance : Essential Tips For Noobs

Everyone is a beginner when it comes to personal finance at some time, and knowing what you are doing can help you make the best decisions. Decisions that can have a far-reaching effect on your financial health for years to come. To that end, read the post below that covers the basics of banking and […]

Drive Your Way Out of a Financial Jam

If you need to make money, fast, it can be a very frustrating and distressing position to be in as most endeavors take time; for instance, with most jobs you have to go through a protracted interview process where you are unable to begin work, and therefore make money, for a few weeks if not […]

Figuring Out Your Financial Future: How To Find The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

If you’ve got money worries, you’re not alone. Studies show that money is one of the most common sources of stress and anxiety. If you’re just about surviving from one payday to the next, or you’re struggling with debts, you’ve come to the right place. The future may not seem all that bright, but it […]

Could These Make You Money In The Future?

These days everyone is out to make some extra money, we all need it right. I make extra money with my blog, but that is not for everyone. Sometimes you want something simple, other times you want something fast. There’s a million ways to make money in this world. Well, probably not a million, but […]

Trash To Cash and Tired To Inspired: The Secrets Hidden In Your Home

When you look around your home, you wouldn’t exactly think that you’re sitting on a goldmine full of expensive items. Little do you know, that all of the little things add up to something much bigger than expected. Your humble house might just be the place to be when your bank account needs a boost. […]

How To Deal With Unexpected Bills

Opening bills is probably the least exciting thing you’ll do with your day.  I know it’s not a great time for me. Nobody enjoys reading endless letters telling you how much of your hard earned cash you have to spend. It’s a whole lot worse when you open a bill and it’s way more than […]

Getting Out Of A Rut When It Comes To Money

Picture Source A small income can go further than you think. Covering the costs to make ends meet isn’t enough. You need to have something left over after all the bills have been paid and the necessities have been bought. And this is about more than having excess cash to spend on luxuries – you […]

Does Your Bank Account Need A Boost?

Unless you’re very well off, then your bank account is always going to need a little bit of a boost. Nothing in life comes for free anymore, so we’re always earning to spend, and see hardly any of it left over at the end of the month. But when we’re working so hard, we want […]

Sometimes You Get What You Pay For! Areas of Your Life Worth Investing In

Image Source Nowadays everyone’s looking for a bargain. We want to obtain everything that we want at the lowest price possible. It’s only logical that we’d want to fork out the least cash possible to obtain what we desire, as this means we have more left over for spending elsewhere or saving. This attitude has […]

PC Is For Personal Capital? (Or At Least It Should Be!)

Image: Most people now use computers (or tablets/smartphones) on an almost 24/7 basis. They have the ability to aid out lives in a whole host of aspects ranging from work activities to booking holidays or staying in touch with friends. But, without being the most important thing in our lives, we all have a need […]

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