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Category: Self improvement

How to set goals and stick to them

The new year is almost here and everyone will set goals or resolutions. Unfortunately most people don’t keep their new years resolutions. We tend to set them to high and expect results quickly. That is the downfall of the new years resolution. Setting goals and sticking to them can be difficult, but not impossible. We […]

It’s Okay to Ask For Help When You Need It

Picture Credit For a long time, mental health issues have been deemed relatively taboo by society at large. But things are changing, and people are becoming increasingly aware of how prevalent mental health issues actually are, as well as how we can work together as a society to help individuals suffering from these conditions. So, […]

I Dont Want to Adult Today: How to Motivate Yourself.

I have had many days where I just don’t want to get up and do anything, today was actually one of those days. I really just wanted to lay in bed and be really lazy, but I told myself to get up and get moving, one because I have to be at work in an […]

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