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Category: Social Issues

The Four Most Common Insurance-Related Complaints

Insurance is supposed to be there to protect us from the unexpected and to ensure that we’re not one day away from real financial distress. However, insurance companies do not always play nice and it’s not wise to assume that you are always going to get the treatment you deserve. However, it’s not right to […]

It’s Okay to Ask For Help When You Need It

Picture Credit For a long time, mental health issues have been deemed relatively taboo by society at large. But things are changing, and people are becoming increasingly aware of how prevalent mental health issues actually are, as well as how we can work together as a society to help individuals suffering from these conditions. So, […]

Depression During the Holidays: How to Help

This is a time of year that is very difficult for people with depression. I myself suffer and find that each year in November I am excited for the holiday, but then December hits and I plummet down. I am not the only one, but for those who suffer it’s sometimes a private battle, that […]

The Working Homeless, a Problem for Us All

I have not considered myself homeless before as an adult. I had my mother to live with and I was doing okay. I have a job, a car and an okay income, but all of that has changed and now I really do consider myself homeless. I don’t have a set place to go, I […]

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