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Earn Gift Cards With Swagbucks

I have talked about Swagbucks a lot in the past and I still really love them, not only have I made quite a bit with them over the years, but I also do it without spending extra money! You need to start your new year off right by earning free gift cards through Swagbucks! All […]

Womens self help books

Self help books for women, Secrets of Six Figure Women

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, if you buy though my link I receive a commission Last month I decided I was going to start improving myself this year. that meant getting out of the financial and personal mess I have been in. When I decided to do that I went searching on Amazon for […]

Lemon Pepper Air Fryer Chicken Wings

Wings, we love them and Americans are said to eat over 18,000 wings in their lifetime. In fact just during the Superbowl Americans will eat over 1.35 billion wings! That’s a lot add in all the other fatty food that will put a hold on your diet, you may be in trouble with all these […]

DIY Christmas Catch all from the Dollar Tree

**I was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. It’s coming up fast, Christmas and the holiday season. I love this time of year because I can get really creative and design some amazing items that make […]

How To Stop Living In Your Overdraft

Picture by Tumisu Collectively Americans carry 13.29 trillion in debt, which leads to the idea that to some degree we must admit our eyes may be a little bigger than our bellies when it comes to taking on more financial commitments than necessary. Living paycheck to paycheck is a way of life for some, but […]

Listen to Your Body, it Could Save Your Life

SourceHow many of us, if we’re being honest, really listen to our bodies? Show of hands. Well, this is a difficult question to qualify, but it is likely that the answer would be somewhere in the region of a lot. Now, it is important to make sure you do what you can to listen more […]

5 Things New Drivers Need to Know

My niece started driving about a year ago and after moving in with my sister I got to experience her driving first hand. She’s a good driver, but there are times where she still thinks she knows everything, but really she doesn’t. I keep telling her we are just trying to make her a great driver, […]

Customer Service in the 21st Century

As a 35 year old have been in customer service for most of my life. I have worked in banking, in furniture stores and at my local Walmart. I have also worked in a call center, I was yelled at a lot by frustrated customers.  When it comes to customer service is is all about […]

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