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Category: US Holidays

Why We Celebrate Thanksgiving: The History of Thanksgiving

Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving? When we think about Thanksgiving here in the United States, we think about family, friends, football and shopping. The modern Thanksgiving in centered around how much we can eat, and how much we can save by shopping. Because of all the fuss about black Friday and food we may forget […]

We will always remember 9-11

I remember where I was this day 16 years ago. I had graduated high school that year and was home doing something on the computer. My mother came running out from the other room and told me that a plane hit one of the towers in New York. I thought, oh that sucks and went […]

Memorial Day, Why We Celebrate in the USA

Many people view memorial day as the first day of the Summer season, many love that they get a three or four day weekend. Others work all weekend anyway and don’t really care, but these reasons are not why we celebrate this day. We celebrate to honor our fallen hero’s, the men and women who […]

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