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Great Stocking Stuffer ideas


Christmas is now only one week away. It’s crunch time and hopefully you are like me and only have stocking stuffers to buy. The problem is you are out of stocking stuffer ideas and have no where to start.

Stocking stuffers can be difficult for many of us. Candy is always an option, but what if you are trying not to do a ton of candy this year or you have a diabetic in the family? Here are some non candy stocking stuffer ideas.

Disclosure: The following contains amazon affiliate links. I receive a commission if you buy using my link.

Stocking stuffer ideas for kids

616-x8ECfiL._SX679_Kangaroo “Do You Want to Build a Snowman

This is a very cute idea for kids who may be in areas that don’t get snow, though I live in Michigan and would still buy this as we haven’t had a white Christmas in a while.

819KUjmOMsL._SX522_   Mermaid Reversible Sequin Headbands

Almost every girl wants to be a mermaid. These headbands are so cute and perfect for a stocking

71QiO37erHL._SX522_  Townley Girl Trolls Lip Balm with Hair

This is just a fun lip balm. It says girls lip balm, but you could give it to a boy too, my nephew would love the hot pink one, that’s his favorite color.

41To5Umw8gL   Toysmith Rainbow Stunt Streamer

Get your kids active with this stocking stuffer. Stunt streamers are a lot of fun and if your child loves to dance they will love this streamer.


Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teens

3145nAPZE1LCat Animal Smart Phone Smartphone Earphone Charm

These are just really cute. We all know teens love their phone accessories.

414tnNoPM2LKnitted CAT Kitty Ears Women Lady Girl Headgear Crochet Hats

It’s winter and you want to keep your teens warm, but we all know how they can be. Get them something stylish like this crochet hat and you may have a win on your hands.

610fJkVkmcL._SX522_METAL Wizard Wand Potter Makeup Brushes


These are just so fun and anyone who is a fan of Harry Potter or the other wizarding movies would love to find these in their stocking. Heck I even want them!


So these are just a few unique ideas to help you get some fun non-candy stocking stuffers for your friends and family.

Comment: What do you like to put into your stockings?

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