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Help! My Cat is Lost!

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Two weeks ago I moved into a new apartment, I’m still opening boxes and putting things away. In fact I’m even still unloading my car. My problem came the Friday after I moved in, I went out to my car to get something, came back in and a couple hours later I notice my sweet Pumpkin missing. I searched though as much as I could and still could not find him. His sister Dixie was following me around meowing at me. That was my first clue he was not in the apartment, my second is him not coming to his treats. He’s a pretty affectionate cat and likes to be out where you can see him most of the time. After about an hour, I have a small place, I knew he was gone, I had a lost cat.

The first thing I did was walk around to see if I could find him, I had no luck, then I checked the office, nothing there, I wanted to print flyers, but I had no internet and couldn’t find my printer plug.

Yep I was a mess. I went onto my phone and started searching. I knew indoor cats wouldn’t go far unless forced to and normally they come back because they know where home is, but I just moved. How would he know!

I planned on putting food out if he wasn’t back by nightfall, He wasn’t but I learned a few other ways to make him come home though my search. Using the following I was able to get my cat back after just two days.

Here is what to do when your cat is lost

1. Search as soon as you know your pet is lost, if your not sure if they got outside search inside first.

2. Get friends, family, or neighbors to help search, Have some search inside and some outside.

3. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t find your cat right away, when indoor cats get out they hide and usually don’t come out until nightfall. Mine came back at about 11 pm.

4. Put food and water out for them if they have been gone for a few hours.

5. After walking around put your shirt (that you were wearing) outside, it has your scent and the cat will be drawn to it.

6. Put up posters all around your neighborhood and report your pet lost online (report your lost pet here)

7. Go out later at night with a flashlight to find your cat, they don’t usually come out during the day because they are scared.

8. Be patient, 85-90% of cats come home.

For me putting food out and putting clothing with my scent helped keep my cat in the area and bring him home. It was a long couple of days but I was so happy when he ran past me as I was unlocking the door after a search. In fact I was a bit shocked, it took me a second to realize that orange flash was my Pumpkin.

Have you ever lost a cat? Share your tips for bringing them home in the comments.

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