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Help Your Loved Ones Wake Up Happy

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Sometimes you want to get someone a gift that will keep on giving. Recently I have found that I can not get up in the morning and I personally would love to receive this light as a gift this Christmas. What I love most about this light is that you can use it to wake up or you can use it for something a bit more fun.


This light doesn’t just help wake you up, but could help you get to sleep too, it has both a sunset and sunrise function and also can give you nice natural sounds to wake up to or a radio. It dose have a snooze function so you can be a little lazy if you want.

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The Light has a USB and can also have battery backup so you don’t have to worry about the power going out or if your a camper you can take it with you.  It’s small so very portable and easy to move around. Just think, this may help your teen get up for school in the morning!

Interested in this for yourself or a loved one? You can buy it on Amazon Now!

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