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Hollybee Tells Weekly Weigh In 1/26/18


Today I woke up with a huge cat on me. I wanted to stay in bed, I wanted to sleep. Have you ever felt that way? I’m sure you have. I did make myself get up and get on that scale. When I looked at my weight I wanted to go back to bed. I was upset with myself, I hated the number I was seeing and just wanted to change it and make it go away.


I’d like to say I don’t know why I gained weight, but I was sick with a really bad cold for about 4 days and could not workout. Once I started feeling better I did start up again and I will keep going. It’s a small sad moment on that scale and this type of thing does happen.

I have to remember that I was sick with a cold for 4 days. I couldn’t exercise because I couldn’t breath. Unfortunately I could still eat and when I have a cold like that I eat. I knew there was a chance that I would gain weight. I hopped I hadn’t gone to crazy in my cold induced food binge, but I did and at least I can look back on the week and know that is probably why I gained weight.

What I’m going to do about it, is keep going. I’m not going to stop workout out because of something I really could not control. Even if it was my screw up I still would keep going, because here is how I look at it. Once I lose this weight, gaining 2 lbs is not going to be that big of a deal. I won’t get on the scale and say oh well now I’m going to eat everything in sight and gain all that weight back. That’s not how it works.

That said. I am very excited because I picked up a couple of things that will add on to my workout. I need to start strength training to build muscle. I got an 8lb toning ball and a set of Resistance Bands. I am really excited to use both of these. I have used resistance bands before in physical therapy and I’m so happy I know a few exercises I can do with them. The toning ball is new so I will be checking out some exercises for that on Spark People this weekend.

How are you doing with your weight loss goals? It’s the last Friday of January? Have you lost what you hoped to?

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