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Improving Your Dog’s Diet is Easy

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A dog is man’s best friend, you want to take care of them the best you can, but sometimes you just have no idea what to do. Improving your dogs daily food intake does not have to be difficult if you just follow a few simple rules. Diet is vitally important when it comes to keeping your dog healthy and you should think very carefully before you pick up the next can of any old dog food your local supermarket happens to be selling.

Read The Labels

Dog food packaging has to include a list of the ingredients and they are shown from the largest amount at the top to the small amount last on the list. If any of the first five ingredients are and for dogs, do not feed it to your furry friend. The things that dogs really should not have include onions, grapes, raisins and chocolate. If you are unsure you will easily find a full list of foods that are bad for dogs online.

Fresh Is The Best

Have you ever thought how clever the manufacturers are to make food that will still be OK for you to use after 12 months or more? Clever they may be, but the additives they use to make this happen are not any good for your dog.

Fresh food is the best, or things with a much shorter shelf life, as they are far less likely to have any preservatives in them. Fresh vegetables are full of nutrients, so next time you are cooking some for the family, give the dog a bowl of them as well.

Grain Free Dog Food

Some dogs have an intolerance to grains such as wheat, but you do not know that until they start to suffer from the consequences of eating it. Why put them through the hassle of allergies, when you could just feed them grain free dog food instead. If you’re wondering why you can read more about grain free dog food right now. Basically, though dogs have the same kind of allergies to grains that many people do.Dogs do not need grains to be healthy and they do not eat them in the wild.

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Serve Raw Meat

Humans are the only species on the planet that cook our meat before we eat it, and we tend to do the same when we are feeding it to our dogs. This is why makers have to add vitamins and nutrients to processed dog foods because in cooking meat most of them are lost. Whenever possible, let your dog have their meat raw.

Watch The Portions

Most dogs will eat however much you give them so it is up to you to manage the portion sizes. You do not want them to become overweight as that can cause all sorts of health problems, so always be aware of how much you are giving them.

Limit The Treats

We all like to give a dog a treat from time to time but do not go overboard. Limit the number they have and try to make them the type that assists with keeping the teeth and gums healthy. Never give them the treats of humans as so many of those have things in that are really bad for dogs. In fact, if they get hold of sugar-free gum, the artificial sweetener used in that can be fatal for them, and you should get them to a vet as soon as you can.

Diet is just as important for dogs as humans, so take the time to get it right!

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