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January Weigh In 1/4/2019

Last year was a crazy year when it came to my weight loss goals. I started the year strong, then I lost my home and moved in with my sister and all of her family. I had no time to workout and was stuck eating food that wasn’t unhealthy, but wouldn’t help me with my weight loss.

This year I am on my own again and I will do this. I have done it before and I am ready to lose weight again. My goal is at least 2lbs a week. My hope is more.

I’m excited to start this year up again, like many others I’m sure. I really want to not only lose weight, but inspire others to as well. I have a long way to go with my weight, but I know I will do it. I was diagnosed in 2007 with diabetes and had lost over 100 pounds. I gained some back due to having to travel to work. I drove 2 hours one way for a couple of jobs and when you work 12 hour shift your only choice is to eat out.

Moving Forward

That’s all in the past now and I’m so excited to get started on this years journey. I have allowed myself the last couple of weeks to not worry about my diet, I didn’t eat like crazy, but I allowed myself a couple extra splurge days and what I wanted in moderation. It’s the holidays and my birthday was yesterday so I usually get though that as well. Monday is the official start of my diet as I also give myself the weekend to enjoy my birthday as usually I don’t get to do anything on it.

My plan is to start following the Mediterranean diet. I looked into Keto, but I’m not sure that will be right for me and my weight loss goals. I want a diet I can stick to and still have a couple of cheat days here and there. This is a lifestyle change, not a fad for me. I also think it’s the closest diet to what I did the last time I lose weight. Why change what worked, I really just need some new recipes is all.

So now for the fun part, where I am at right now. After 2 weeks of just not watching what I eat I expected my weight to be terrible. The good news, it wasn’t so bad. I also have included an image of myself. I’m not sure if I’ll do the picture on a monthly bases yet or wait for a 6 month mark. You will find out next month! (yes I know I don’t look happy, really I am)

DSC_0264 Text placeholder(1)

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