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Looking After Your Health When Working from Home

Looking after your health

When you work for a company, it is their responsibility to protect you from injury and health problems at the workplace. Once you start working for yourself from home, you will have to start taking responsibility for your own health and well being. There are so many risks associated with driving a lot, sitting in front of the computer all day, or looking at the screen that can cause long term conditions. Below you will find a few tips on stay on top of your health and well being when working from home.

Reduce Stress

We seem to work too much without breaks when we don’t schedule them. Another reason self employed people face stress is because they take on too much and are trying to establish their brand, beat the competition, without getting help from support groups. You no longer have a team to discuss your problems with, and this means that you will tend to build up stress that can cause chronic pain or mental health issues.

Look after Your Vision

When working from home blogging or as a virtual assistant, it is crucial that you professionally adjust your screen, your chair, and get ergonomic furniture, keyboard, and mouse. You should also ensure that you have the right lighting in your office. Natural light is always better than artificial, and you should try to avoid glare coming from the screen ruining your eyesight.

Posture Support

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If you want to avoid lower back problems and trapped nerves when working in front of the computer, it is crucial that you get some posture support devices. If you suffer from varicose veins, you can reduce the pressure on your legs by getting a foot rest. Back and seat cushions can also help you distribute the weight and protect your muscles.

Environmental Impact

If you are running a manufacturing business, use machinery, it is important that you reduce the impact of noise and pollution on your health. You should use protective wear and let fresh air in. You can learn more about the main reasons for hearing loss when working in various industries, and some great tips to prevent permanent damage.

Air Quality

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No matter if you are up-cycling furniture using paint and lacquer or working in an office, it is important that you have an air purifier installed and you check the pollution levels. Get your air filters and your vents checked regularly, especially if you suffer from allergies or respiratory illnesses, such as asthma. Be careful with scented air fresheners, as some of the ingredients can irritate your airways and make your condition worse. Simple checks can keep indoor air pollution at bay.

Working from home comes with new responsibilities. You need to look after your health and well being, as you are not going to be able to generate profits and run your company if you fall ill. Pay attention to the above areas, make your office or workshop healthier, and look after the greatest asset in your business: you.

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    • It is important. I also have a day job and sit at a desk all day. Changing my posture has really helped my back pain a lot.

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