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Museum Trees Review, Give your home life With Silk Plants

Museum Trees Review

I love adding some nature into my home in the form of plants and trees. I enjoy the look and how they make a room feel. I also do enjoy taking care of real plants, the problem is time and I along with so many others just don’t have time to take care of plants the way we should, that is why I was so excited to work with Museum Trees Review and do a review of one of their silk trees.

Now not only do I have an interior design degree, but I have a floral certification as well, so I”m pretty picky when it comes to silk products. I was so happy when I got the box, the tree was packed very well so I was not worried about it coming out broken. It didn’t and I was very excited to get it out of the box. I was not the only one as you can see, my cats had to check it out too!


This is a small tree, but it’s perfect for the area I wanted it to be in. I am still waiting for my stand to arrive so it’s just sitting on the table for now. What I love the most about this tree is that it is very realistic. It’s also easy to stage the way I want it and it doesn’t have that smell that some silk plants have. Over all I am very happy with this tree and would really recommend museum trees to anyone who is looking to add some great greenery to their home without all the fuss of having to water a plant every day.

Museum Trees also has a huge selection of trees for indoor and outdoor use. You can get bamboo, Redwood and aspen trees, you can also get flowers and other great silk products. Many of their trees are very tall trees and look exactly like the real thing. You can even get them with lights! They also offer Custom Artificial Trees if you can’t find what your looking for. Really these trees are a great way to improve the look of your home or business!

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Check out there huge selection and please share the ones you like with us in the comments.

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