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Weekly Weigh in January 11, 2019

I restarted my weight loss journey this week. It has been a long week, but a good one. This week I learned a lot about myself and my weight loss. I turned that into action and I have to say I’m pretty happy with the results. Before I get to my weight this week I want to share a bit about what I have done this week.

Monday I got home ready to do my Zumba workout. I got my workout gear on and turned on my Wii only to realize that in the two weeks I had not been working out I also had not charged my remote. Unfortunately I only have one so I couldn’t workout on my Wii. I was sad and a little pissed at myself, but I decided to check out Amazon to see what videos I could find to stream. I found a kickboxing one and started that, but I made it though five minutes before I felt I was going to die, it was too much.

Then just before I was ready to give up I found a 30 day Weight Loss Yoga Challenge. I thought well, at least it’s something, after the second video I was hooked, the first is really just an introduction to the series and I do recommend you watch it. The series is not just about Yoga, but eating well and mental health too.

What I have changed

So this week instead of doing my Zumba I have been doing yoga. Though one day I did do 20 minutes of Zumba, because I had the energy to do it! I was very excited about that. I haven’t had that much energy in a long time.

So I have decided to continue this Yoga challenge and complete the 30 days. After the 30 days I may also do it again after I’m done, because there are many moves I can’t do well or at all right now. I’m fat, I can’t bend like that, yet.

The other nice thing about doing Yoga and not my Zumba is that I am not as hungry. I don’t eat as much and I think that is a huge reason I feel better and still lost weight. The other nice thing is not eating as much also is helping my pocketbook. Something I need right now as my work was closed most of the last two weeks. We reopened this Monday, but these paychecks are not pretty.

So here is my second weigh in in my weight loss journey:

I really am happy with my weight loss. I know eventually I will have to kick it up a bit, but I think I have a bit before I need to worry about that.

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