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Could Technology Help You Save On Auto Insurance?

Besides paying for our home and our car, insurance is likely to be one of the most expensive things we will ever purchase. It’s essential and, in some cases, legally mandatory. However, that doesn’t mean you have to pay over the nose for it. There are plenty of ways to save on auto insurance. In […]

Easy Beef Roast Stuffed Peppers

There have been many times I have come home and wanted something simple to make for dinner. One day I looked in my fridge and saw leftover roast, some bell peppers and mushrooms. It was then that I came up with this Stuffed Peppers recipe. Though, it was just something off the top of my […]

Goodbye to Winning it Wednesdays

I have been doing a giveaway linky since I started my first blog in 2006. I have decided after much thought to stop Winning it Wednesdays and no longer do a giveaway linky on my blog. They are a lot of work and Hollybee Tells is going in a new direction. I will still have […]

Vremi 10 Piece Colorful Knife Set Review

  Disclosure: This Knife set Review contains affiliate Links. Commission will be paid if you buy though my link. I also received this set for free to review. I love to cook and I really enjoy trying new products that make my life a little easier. When I got the email asking me to review […]

Weekly Weigh in 10/19/18

This has been a bit of a crazy week, my blood sugar has been averaging in the mid 300’s, yes 300’s. Everyone keeps telling me to get to a doctor, but I’m one of those lucky low income without insurance because I make just too much. That has meant that I was not able to […]

Memorial Cat Urn Review

Why a Cat Urn It’s been almost two years since I lost my cat, her name was Kisses and I had her since I was 20 years old. When she died I had no idea what to do, but I found out really quick. You can read my post about what to do when your […]

My top 5 Favorite Halloween Movies

It’s October and that means it’s Halloween! This year I am like a kid in a candy store that just can’t get enough! (the good news is I won’t have a stomach ache in November) I love Halloween and what makes this one special is that two of my top movies are celebrating 25 years! […]

Weekly Weigh in 10/12/18

This week I slowly started working out. I was proud of myself until yesterday when life got in the way and I couldn’t do it. I also noticed I kept wanting to stress eat yesterday as well and that wasn’t happening earlier in the week. The good news is I missed working out. It makes […]

The Four Most Common Insurance-Related Complaints

Insurance is supposed to be there to protect us from the unexpected and to ensure that we’re not one day away from real financial distress. However, insurance companies do not always play nice and it’s not wise to assume that you are always going to get the treatment you deserve. However, it’s not right to […]

Halloween Swago! Yes Please!

Halloween and Fall are my favorite time of year. I just love the colors, the decorations, and the spooky theme that is October. I also love all of the Halloween themed events and this month, Swagbucks swago is all about Halloween! Swagbucks is hosting another round of Shop Swago! What is SWAGO you ask? It’s […]

76 Blog Post Ideas for Lifestyle Bloggers

Over my 12 years of blogging I have had many times where I just can not think of anything to blog about. Nothing fun or interesting was going on in my life and I had nothing cool to review. Sometimes you just get burnt out and can’t think for yourself. That is why I came […]

Life Savers for When You’re Drowning in Debt

Image source There can be many reasons why you end in more debt than you can cope with. You could have had to take a few weeks of work because of illness, you may have lost your job or you could have just let your spending get out of hand. Whatever the reason, if you […]

Weekly Weigh in October 5th 2018

It’s that time again, time for me to really start thinking hard about how I want to lose weight. That and time to find my Wii so that I can get my workout in. This week I gained weight, not much, not even a pound, but I didn’t lose and that makes me sad. I […]

Iron Out those Wrinkles

Image source Wrinkles affect everyone at some point in their lives. They are a sign of aging that is very hard to avoid completely, but there are some things you can do to reduce how severe they look and to keep them away for a while longer. Skin Care Over the counter products can be […]

What Plugins should I use on my blog?

WordPress is known as one of the best platforms to host a blog on. It’s completely customizable, you can really make your blog your own and with plug ins you can do everything without knowing coding or HTML. The question I get most from new bloggers is what plug-ins should I use? The world of […]

Relax you are Home: Inspirational Wall Signs Review

I love decorating and now that I am in my new place I am ready to get going on my décor. Not only do I get to do my general decorating, but it’s fall, my favorite time of year and I get to do fall and Halloween decorating! A few weeks ago I was asked […]

Weekly Weigh IN September 28th 2018

I am so excited to be able to do my weigh in post again! I was in a living situation where I just couldn’t do these anymore or really workout all of the time. Now I am in my own place again and can get my life back to normal. I actually moved in a […]

Help! My Cat is Lost!

Two weeks ago I moved into a new apartment, I’m still opening boxes and putting things away. In fact I’m even still unloading my car. My problem came the Friday after I moved in, I went out to my car to get something, came back in and a couple hours later I notice my sweet […]

The Importance Of Regular Doctor’s Office Visits

Image Doctors visits are like seeing the dentist. When we are kids, we seem to go pretty regularly and our mum or Dad will make the appointments for us every now and again to keep us healthy. When we come into adulthood though, making a doctor’s appointment can be the last thing on our minds […]

2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Hollybee Tells

The holiday season is here! With this in mind, Hollybee Tells is currently putting together details for the 2017 Holiday Gift Guide to showcase your brand, service or products for our readers looking for the perfect gift ideas. Please be sure to read through the information below before emailing about placement on our holiday gift […]

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