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Loving a Prince Charming Book Review

Honor and Integrity were more than words to Seth – they were the values he lived his life by. As Prince of a large kingdom, putting duty before desire was vital for the prosperity and wellness of his people. If sometimes he looked at Kira – best friend since childhood and his personal guard – […]

Loving the Marquess Book Review

She is on the verge of losing everything…To save her home and keep her two younger siblings safe, Louisa Evans must turn to the head of the family that ruined hers.He needs an heir… The Marquess of Overlea is starting to show signs of having inherited the same illness that killed his father and older […]

Free Freestyle InsuLinx meter

This is a great freebie for any diabetic or someone who knows a diabetic. I have the Freestyle Freedom meter and I love it, but I also just tried a Bayer meter and like some of the options on that as well. The good news for my huge supply of freestyle strips is that the […]

Bertolli Meal Soup a Weeknight Dinner

The following is a review I did last year for an old blog: I love trying new food and with the Bertolli Meal soup not only did I get to try some amazing soup, but I had a great meal for around $3 a person. I checked out the Tomato Florentine & Tortellini with Chicken […]

Liquid Gold Clean Screen Review

I love my flat screen TV and my laptop, but cleaning electronics can be a huge hassle and of course how do you clean them without ruining them? Well, that problem is solved with Clean Screen from Liquid Gold . Not only does it clean my TV and laptop really well. I don’t have streaking […]

Save Your Sensitive Skin With Burts Bees

I always try to take great care of my skin and with Burts Bees sensitive skin care I know I can get exactly what my skin needs without all of the crazy chemicals that you find in some brands. I got to try both the facial cleanser and the day cream. I am very impressed […]

One More Kiss Book Review

  About One More Kiss Dispatched by their ambitious father to snag a titled husband, Beatrice Brent and her twin sister, Cecilia, attend a house party with an array of eligible gentlemen. Defiantly ignoring her father’s wishes, Beatrice flirts shamelessly with Lord Jessup Pennistan, a gamer with scandal in his past—and the one man her […]

Give Your Body a Hand with Nature’s Hand

A few weeks ago I received two samples of granola from Natures Hand. I was very excited to try it as the flavors were a bit different then other granola I have seen and I also love that it’s all natural   About Nature’s Hand Nature’s Hand is a great-tasting, all-natural, good-for-you-granola that your whole […]

Be. Wine Review

Sometimes you just need a little wine in your day and if your looking for a good wine to try out you want to check out Be Wines. Not only are they a cheaper wine to buy, but they are a quality wine as well. I picked up the wine at my local Kroger and […]

The Apocalypse Calendar Book Review

The Apocalypse Calendar When Professor Frank Miller and his team of university geologists stumble across a strange cave containing an even stranger treasure, it’s only natural that they would take the treasure home for closer study. But there is talk among the locals of an ancient curse, and the truth behind the supposed Moctezuma’s Treasure […]

The New Julep Maven Style

Have you checked out Julep Maven? If you have or have not it doesn’t matter, you need to check them out again! They have an amazing new style box called Modern Beauty and it’s all about beauty products! March is pamper your hands month as you get hand cream and a scrub. I just reserved […]

What I have learned after seven years of blogging.

I have been a blogger for about seven years, it’s hard to believe that it has been that long, but it has and I’ll admit I started because someone told me I could make a couple hundred a month blogging and get some free stuff. A lot has changed over 7 years. Blogging is more […]

Match.com Review: 6 Months In

I signed up to try out match.com for 6 months. I thought if I spent a bit of money and could actually contact some people I would be able to meet some decent men. Well I have to say after 6 months I have met no one and only had two men respond. Yes two! […]

Zumba Fitness Core Review

I am really loving Zumba Fitness Core. Not only did I get an amazing core workout, but the music is so much fun and it has songs you know and love. Features for Wii (Xbox also available): Hot new choreography specifically designed to sculpt stronger, sexier abs and provide a solid total body workout Dance […]

BassBuds Earphone Review

Bass Buds Earphones *Disclosure. I received BassBuds earphones to review though fuel my blog all thoughts and opinions are my own unless otherwise stated. There are also affiliate links in this post. If you click on a link and make a purchase I receive commission. I am a music person and in order for me […]

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