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Returning to Colorado: My Travel List

Returning to Colorado_ My Travel List

Recently a good friend of mine told me her son was moving to Colorado. They are originally from there and he has decided to return. It’s actually a very funny story how my friend and I met. We both live in Michigan, but at one time we were both in Colorado at same time. I was 6 or 7 and she was graduating from High School in a town about 30 miles from where I was. We met as adults in Michigan at a training for work.

We have both talked about traveling back to Colorado or possibly moving back there. Now that her son is making the move I have been putting together a list of places I would love to visit. Some I remember from my childhood, others are places I want to visit as an adult.

Casa Bonita Colorado

Casa Bonita

Cas Bonita is top on my list because I remember it so well from my childhood. Casa Bonita is a Mexican restaurant that is 3 stores high, has a waterfall with divers and performances and caves that you can run through or even eat in. I have head the food is not what you go for, it’s not bad, but not amazing. You go for the atmosphere and the fun.

As a kid going to Casa Bonita is one of my best memories from my time in Colorado. It has always been on my list of places I must visit and I always tell people to go there if I hear they are going to Colorado.


Pikes Peak

As a kid we went to Pikes Peak many times. I remember the trip up, but for some reason I don’t remember the top. I was young, maybe I was to distracted by the snowball fights we would have to remember the view. Pikes Peak is second on my list because I really want to see the view so I can remember it.

Colorado Springs

While I’m visiting Pikes Peak I will also want to make a stop in Colorado Springs. I don’t believe I have stopped in Colorado Springs on our trips to Pikes Peak. Maybe to grab gas or something quick to eat.  We lived in Littleton when I was young so we mostly stayed around Denver or went into the mountains. Colorado Springs is my grown up travel destination. It’s also an area I thought about moving to if I ever moved back to Colorado, so this would be a research trip as well. My friend is from a small town just outside of Colorado Springs and wants to move back there.  Though I don’t think I want to live in a small town. Colorado Springs is a perfect solution.


Garden of the Gods

While I’m in the Colorado Springs area I would also visit the Garden of the Gods. A rock formation park close to Colorado Springs. There are trails and wonderful views to check out. They also have horseback riding that I would love to do in the shadow of these amazing rocks.


Disclosure, I don’t ski, but part of me wants to learn, maybe planning a trip to Aspen will make me do just that. Also I would just love to go that deep into the mountains. That is the biggest memory of my childhood. Looking at the mountains and really wanting to go and explore. As a kid I didn’t understand that feeling, but as an adult looking back at my memory of those mountains I think about what the first explorers thought of them.

So that is my trip to Colorado. If you were to visit Colorado where would you go?

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