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Smart Cooler Double Insulated Cup Set

Insulated Cup

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Smart Cooler Double Insulated Cup Set

Cups, they really are just cups correct? Not really, sometimes we need more then just a cup and this smart cooler double insulated cup fits that need. I originally bought this cup to take to a 3 day long concert so that I could keep my drinks cold. The concert I went to had plenty to drink but no ice so I really wanted something that worked well to keep things cold.

Now without ice I will say the drinks did stay cold for a long time and that was really nice, of course they would have been colder, longer with ice, but at least in the hot sun I had a cold drink. Though it worked well for my needs I wanted to know how long it would keep something cold with ice.

How this double insulated cup held up to everyday life

I took it to work, where I drink a lot of water everyday. I filled it with ice and put my water in. Halfway though the day I needed to get more water. I opened it up and most of the ice was still there! In fact my cup had been empty for a half hour and there was no water in there, just ice!

That was when I was really sold on this cup. Normally my ice melts and then I have water, but when your not drinking water that is not a good thing, so I tried it with iced tea, then pop. Both were kept water free the entire time I was drinking.

Now this cup doesn’t do just cold drinks, but I have put my coffee in it and had hot coffee for hours! It was really nice when it started to get cold out and now that we are expecting snow it’s going to be something I use for my hot drinks all of the time.


What you get with the smart cooler Double insulated Cup Set

What is so nice about this set is that you get so much with it. I bought it on Amazon and it came with the cup, two lids and a metal straw. It also comes in a great gift box so it’s perfect for gift giving. One of the two lids is a spill proof lid. I held it upside down so many times it was crazy, but it held up!

Really I love this cup and I may even buy a second one for myself. I know that I will be giving one to someone as a gift this year. This cup is just to awesome to keep to myself. The price is also really great, right now it’s just $21.99! (price as of November 8th, 2018)

More about the Smart Cooler Insulated Cup Set

  • NEW TUMBLER SET: STYLIZED AND RE-DESIGNED SLIM TUMBLER. New LEAK-PROOF LID included with SPECIAL hole for the Straw, New Straw with Brush, Unbeatable INSULATION POWER (Carefully tested) and THINNER at the base. ORDER YOUR SMART COOLER WITH PEACE. If you are not 100% satisfied with your tumbler, just return it within the first 30 days and get a FULL REFUND. LIFETIME WARRANTY.
  • POWDER COATING VACUUM INSULATED MUG, prevents air from entering and our high insulation provides the desired temperature, weather hot or cold for a longer period of time.
  • Made with PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL 18/8, BPA free, unbreakable, eco-friendly, non-toxic, and easy to wash. The best alternative to avoid plastic cups. Be sure that we work with the safest materials for you.
  • NO SWEAT, never leaves a spot. Allows you to hold at any time, SMART COOLER 30 oz. will always maintain itself dry. Try it with your favorite coffee or your ice tea.
  • Always know what’s in your cup or how much is left thanks to the CLEAR LID. It leaves enough space to use your favorite stainless steel straw (included). The lid’s material will keep your favorite drink at the desired temperature. Disclaimer: Not affiliated or distributed by Yeti Rambler LLC, SIC, Ozark Trail or RTIC.

Comment: Who would you give this cup to as a gift? Would you keep it for yourself?

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