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Surprising Benefits Of Having A Pet Dog

I have always had dogs in my life, even though all I personally own are 2 adorable cats, the rest of my family have lots of dogs. I eventually will be getting my own dog and really enjoy when I visit my family and see theirs. There are so many Benefits to having a dog. I need one to make me start walking more!

If you are thinking about getting a pet dog, then you have come to the right place. As this post is all about the benefits of having a pet dog. Yes, there are costs associated with having a pet dog. And of course, there are plenty of reasons why you should really ‘want’ pet dog; it isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. If you already have some kind of furry friend already, then a lot of this won’t be new to you. But for newbies, there are many ways in which a dog can bless your life. So if you need a little more persuading, here are just some of the many benefits.

More Exercise

If you ever needed an excuse to get out and exercise more, then it will be because you have a pet dog. They need daily walks, at least once depending on the type of dog breed that you choose. So if walking and jogging are your thing, or you want them to be, then a dog is a great reason to make that a reality.

Image Credit: https://www.pexels.com/photo/adult-animals-beautiful-daylight-275717/

Less Stress

From being outdoors more, exercising more, and having a dog to play with when you’re home from work, you are likely to end up being a lot less stressed in your everyday life. Plus, there are many reasons why people are getting emotional support animals, as they really can help to reduce stress and anxiety. You can read more information here if need be, but it just shows how much animals can be of benefit to all of the family.

Fewer Allergies

If you have children, and they are raised with a dog, then it has been shown that they are less likely to develop allergies in their life. They are being exposed to some allergens with a pet in the house, so their bodies can learn to deal with it. It can also help them to have increased immunity to pet allergies as they get older.

Grow Old Gracefully

If you have a pet dog for your whole life, then it has been shown that you will find aging a little easier. For example, dog owners with Alzheimer’s have been shown to have fewer outbursts when they have a dog in their home. They can be a great companion for older people, as well as being something that will help them to be more active and less depressed as they get older. So no matter what age you are, a dog can be a great addition to the home.


Dogs can be like a built-in security system for your home. When there are dogs barking in the home, they deter burglars than if there is no dog barking (this has been researched in several studies). As you age or have children in the house, it can give some peace of mind that your dog, with their heightened sense of hearing and awareness, can give you sign if there is anything about to happen or someone approaching.

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