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The Illuminated Word: A Faith Coloring Journal

Faith Coloring Journal

Practicing faith is not always easy. Sometimes you need guidance, or a place to keep your thoughts. That is one reason I was so excited to review this Faith Coloring Journal. As a teen I was very involved in my church. When I received these journals I was reminded of those teen years and how much fun I had in my church activates. We had an amazing pastor and we did a lot of fun things.

I also know that I would have loved to have had this Coloring Journal as a young teen. Its a beautiful journal that allows you to color as you journal your faith journey. The journal is full of wonderful images you can color in. Think an adult coloring book with the ability to journal next to your artwork. There are 40 images in total, all are from ancient manuscripts that have been redesigned to be line drawings.


I really love the idea of this Faith coloring journal I could spend hours filling in the pictures and creating a wonderful journal to look at in the future. I could see where someone could even pass this journal on to a daughter or granddaughter. Allowing them to see how your own faith journey progressed and what thoughts and insight you may have for them.

In many of the pictures you can color are bible verses to help you on your journey. Having these remainders are a great way to help you reflect and maybe help put into words what you are feeling. I would use these verses to base my entry on, maybe share how I felt about the verse or what it made me think about.


This Illuminated Journal would make a great gift for a young teen who loves to color or even an adult on a faith journey. I showed them to my sister and she even wanted one. They are really that special.

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