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Tips for decorating your child’s bedroom

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Tips for decorating your child's bedroom

Your child is not a baby anymore and they are starting to have a personality all there own. They love a certain kids show, want to be a prince or princess. Maybe they love space or want to be a doctor, either way they are expressing a need to redecorate their bedroom. Plan for when your children are done with the cute baby animals and or the “stuff for babies” as they would put it.

Where to start

When it comes to decorating a kids bedroom it’s often very difficult to find some kind of inspiration as to just what style to go for. You have all your existing furniture – bed, dressing table, wardrobe and alike – and you need to find a way of incorporating them into the overall style of the room. However, this already complicated procedure takes on a whole new level of complexity when you’re trying to decorate a child’s bedroom.

Child's Bedroom Princess

Where to Get Ideas

A lot of children have particular tastes – they might be big football fans, maybe they’re dreaming of being a princess and would love this princess canopy. They may like a particular television show or perhaps they want to be a racing driver. Whatever they enjoy, that’s usually how they want their room to be decorated, showing off their tastes and what makes them happy. The problem with this is it is often particularly difficult to find the right decorations. How are you supposed to find wallpaper that has Sponge Bob, or a particular paint with glitter mixed in? Nightmare! You could try out this really cool Chalkboard Wallpaper then they can draw there favorite characters!

Child's Bedroom Chalkboard

There are a number of things you can do for a bit of inspiration. Sometimes all you have to do is look at your children’s hobbies to figure out a great way to decorate their room. Do they love sports, go for a sports theme. Maybe they are really into painting, then let them paint their room themselves if they are old enough. Remember it is just paint! If you have a child that really loves video games and is a fan of Mario, you may want to check out these cool Super Mario Wall Decals. They are easy to arrange around your kids room and your child can create a look all there own.

childs bedroom Mario

Get Out and Get on Some Furniture

Check out online stores to see what your kids like. You also will want visit your local furniture stores so your kids can try the furniture. The furniture in your child’s room, must be durable. You can’t feel it online and that is why I suggest you go to a store to look and feel the piece.

By the time you’ve put in the essentials and  they’ve cluttered the whole floor with their toys and clothes. You may find that there is very little space for anything. You want to plan ahead for storage, their toys and clothing need space. Beds with storage underneath are just one way of doing this, allowing them to put their toys under the mattress.

Getting inspiration for a kids bedroom doesn’t have to be hard. Think about what they like, what do they talk about and use that as the basis of your decorating plans. Space will always be compromised so try to avoid clutter and plan for growth.  Also remember that they will start to grow up and they may outgrow what they like at the moment. They’re not always going to be SpongeBob fans or dreaming of becoming a princess!

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