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Top 5 Travel Bucket List

travel bucket list

I have always wanted to travel more and I have decided that I need to make a bucket list. I wanted to share this fun list with you and learn where you, my readers would love to go.


This makes the top of my list because I have always been fascinated with Ireland and it’s history. I enjoy the folk stories from the area and really would just love to go and take pictures of the beautiful landscape.

The UK

I would probably do this and Ireland in one trip, and again this is second on my list because of history, one side of my family is from the UK and I would love to see where I came from.

Puerto Rico

I have always wanted to go to Puerto Rico, but recently I have felt pulled their even more. I have actually thought about doing a wedding there if I ever get married. I love the culture and the few people I know that are from their are very nice and friendly people. I just need to check this place out for myself.

Greece/ Western Europe

The other side of my family is from this area, and that is why I really want to go. My grandmother came over from a small area called Dalmatia during world war II and I would love to see where she was born.


Yes, I am an American that has never been to Hawaii, it’s on my will do soon list though, but it’s also on my Travel Bucket list because it’s easy for me to get to, I don’t need a passport and it still has a rich unique culture.

I of course have many other places I would love to visit, but these are the ones I really want to visit before I leave this life. Where do you want to go that you haven’t been?

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