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VitaminPacks: Monthly Vitamin Pack Review

VitaminPacks_ Monthly Vitamin Pack Review

The world of health is vast and complex. Sometimes you just have no idea what you should be taking and doing. That is where I love VitaminPacks. I’m not just talking about any vitamin pack but a special mail order vitamin pack that is tailored to you and your health needs.

Disclosure: I received a month supply of Vitamins for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

What are Vitamin Packs?

Vitamin Packs from Vitaminpacks.com are more then just your average vitamins. When you visit the site for the first time you will be asked to take an assessment about your health, they ask you a lot of questions, but it doesn’t take too much time. Then one the assessment is done they give you a personalized vitamin mix.

These vitamins are backed up by world class science and expertise. Your not just getting some mixed up bag of stuff, but a quality vitamin that you will feel good about taking.

What is different about Vitamin Packs?


All of the Vitamin Packs Vitamins are made from raw ingredients and are also tested for purity and quality. They also meet FDA guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices and the packaging even meets hospital packaging standards.

What speaks the most to me is that they also test the absorbency rate. This makes sure the ingredients are effective yet gentle enough for daily use. Why this is important is that you want your vitamins to actually work. Not just go through you and you get no to little benefit.

Why I love Vitamin Packs


What I really love about the big box of vitamins I received is that each day is individually packaged for am and pm. That means I don’t have to remember what I have to take each day and when. They have already sorted them out for me!

I have been trying to be healthy and having a personalized program like this is really very helpful. Not only because I love the way I feel when I do take my vitamins (this is the case with any vitamins, not just these) but because it’s easy to grab a pack and go. So, if you don’t eat breakfast at home or you are headed out for the night you can just grab the prepackaged bag and get on with your life.

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