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Vremi 10 Piece Colorful Knife Set Review

Vremi 10 Piece Colorful Knife Set Review


Disclosure: This Knife set Review contains affiliate Links. Commission will be paid if you buy though my link. I also received this set for free to review.

I love to cook and I really enjoy trying new products that make my life a little easier. When I got the email asking me to review this colorful knife set from Vremi I was so excited and jumped at the chance. Though I love to cook and do it often, I will admit that my knife set sucked. It’s old, it’s dull and I didn’t take very good care of it anyway. It was time for an update and a great update it was.

I decided to let my niece and sister help me a bit with this review. My niece is 11 and she is just learning how much fun it is to cook really good food. What we both loved about these knifes is how easy they cut, we made a simple sandwich with a baguette.

Untitled design(6)

The cuts were perfect and it was so easy to cut. We like using baguettes in our house and my niece really love everything bread. Usually we can’t find that cut, so having the Vremi knife set is going to be a great thing in this household.

My sister also tried the knifes to cut up some potato’s for dinner one night, she now uses the knifes all of the time and they are still cutting like the first time! She really wants one of these sets.


Since I was the one doing the photos I didn’t get any of me using the knifes, but I have to say I’m really impressed with them. They cut great, they have a cover so you can put them right in a drawer.  Because they have a cover about being cut when you reach in to get one. They not only come in the rainbow of colors that I received, but they come in black and they also have a chef knife. Not only do they work very well, but they are also not expensive you can buy them on Amazon for under $20! They come in a great box too that makes the set easy to give as a gift!

Here are some features of the Vremi knife set:

HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL BLADE – Strong high-carbon steel blade with a nonstick cutting surface prevents food from sticking with sharpness that last. Slightly wide curved blades, allows you to ease as you perform slicing techniques.

COMFORTABLE ERGONOMIC HANDLE – Slightly rounded BPA free solid plastic handles provide safe, excellent balance and a secure grip for great control during any food-prep cutting task. Helps prevents hand and wrist fatigue during long cutting sessions.

PROTECTIVE COVER – Includes a BPA free sheath guard that slides securely into place, helping to keep the blades protected from scratches or dings when stored in kitchen drawers. The cover keep kids away from sharp edges and makes it easy to transport.

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL KITCHEN KNIFE – Slicing, dicing and mincing with more precision. This knife works well for carving meat, poultry or fish, chopping fruit and vegetables. For executive chefs, home chefs and all of your kitchen needs.

BRIGHT COLORED AND EASY TO CLEAN – Comes in a brilliant food-safe red color to food prep fun. This 12.6 x 1.7 x 1 inch knife is magnetic and will easily attach to your knife racks. Hand washing recommended to preserve blade quality.

Comment: What is your favorite dish to make that you could use this knife set for?

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