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Weekly Weigh in 10/12/18

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This week I slowly started working out. I was proud of myself until yesterday when life got in the way and I couldn’t do it. I also noticed I kept wanting to stress eat yesterday as well and that wasn’t happening earlier in the week.

The good news is I missed working out. It makes me feel good and I know I’m going to keep it up. My problem will only be on the days I have to bring my work home or life happens, but I’m going to look at it this way: Just get back to it the next day and it will be alright.

That said. I did gain a pound, and it is what it is. What matters the most is that I am already starting to feel better and I’m hoping to up my workout game next week. I always start out slow, I want to do this long term, not start hard and crash after a couple of weeks because it’s too hard. That is my best advice for anyone looking to lose weight, especially those who have a lot to lose, start small even if it’s only 10 minutes a day of walking. Do that for a week or to then work to 20 minutes. It works I promise.

Okay motivational rant done, here is my weight this week and last week.

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