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Weekly Weigh in 11/16/18

This week has been a bit difficult for me. I have worked out every day, I have had more energy and was ready to see a change on the scale, I did see a change, just not the way I wanted to. I will admit I had a cheat day. It was my best friends birthday. It was one meal so I didn’t think it would be this bad.

If I were a different person, or the person I was 15 years ago I would be deflated and give up. The good news is that I am not and I know better. Insulin is a crazy thing, I always gain weight when I go on it and it drives me crazy. The newer insulins are not as bad, but without insurance I can’t get those.

My new goal with blogging is to make enough to be able to afford insurance, I need decent insurance and though right now I get some credits I still can’t afford it. If can make just $2000 a month on my blog I can pay for insurance and pay off my student loans.

Stress is another part of my problem and I know that’s a huge issue when your dealing with diabetes. I know right now I’m a bit stressed because I have other health issues emerging and I can’t do anything. I’m hoping the natural products help, as that’s all I can do. I’m trying so hard to stay positive.

All of the above said, here is my weight last week vs this week.

This Week(3)

I will continue being as positive as possible and doing what I have been. Eventually this will all pay off I know it, but part of this weekly weigh in is to show that though weight loss and a healthy lifestyle is worth the struggle, the struggle is very real. If you are trying to lose weight, you are not the only one dealing with this crazy struggle.

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